Review: A Winter Away by Elizabeth Fair


My Interest

By now you probably don’t want to hear the phrases “Dean Street Press” or :Furrowed Middlebrow” again, but I must use them! These books are soothing, calm, and nice. Nothing really bad happens. In fact, nothing much really happens–they are stories of very normal, everyday life. I love that. In addition, the title suggested it would be perfect for seasonal reading.

The Story

“Oh I don’t believe in fiddle-faddilling.”

“If he’d been brought up by mad Methodists like my grandfather you’d expect him to gad about, instead of settling down in a library.”

“Relatives were necessary, without them he wouldn’t be head of a family, but they were better kept at a distance.”

“I used to believe in rescuing people … but I’ve come to the conclusions it’s generally a mistake. Too often one only unsettles them; and they suffer.”

The once fine manor house, Glaine, is now a bit run down as are many such in post WWII Britain. “Old M,” the untitled Lord of the Manor, is in need of secretary. His staff is down to Hat and Mrs. Hat–“foreigners”! The last secretary didn’t make the cut.

Meanwhile the residents of Combe Cottage on his estate have unexpectedly provided a solution.  Young Maud has come to stay with her (parents’ age) Cousin Alice and her cousin’s “companion,” Miss Conway, aka “Con.” Maud is escaping her step-mother and trying country life. Now it’s discovered that she fits the bill for Old M’s new secretary perfectly. She’s also just the thing to catch the eye of his nephew, Charles, and son, Oliver!

Not far away is a young woman known as “Ensie” who is martyr to her widowed father’s beck-and-call, and who makes a home for him in “Pixie Cottage.” Her father being a clergyman, she is just the thing to catch the eye of young curate, Don.

But why is Old M so cheap? Why is he so grumbly about his relatives? What’s in store for the former nursery wing at Glaine? Maud is privy to much of Old M’s business, but does she read him right?

My Thoughts

This was a wonderful book into which to escape! The troubles include how to have something but eggs for once and how to escape Cousin Alice’s “companion” who is terribly jealous of the young, vibrant Maud.

Today we might want to read more into Cousin Alice and Con’s relationship–it would certainly explain her jealousy, wouldn’t it? But don’t jump to conclusions. Nice women rarely lived alone even in the 1950s–especially in small towns anywhere in the world. And there’s a tiny secret in the story relating to Con. Plus, why not think the best of two people who call the same dog by two totally different names!

Once again, Dean Street’s Furrowed Middlebrow has republished a delightful little book.

My Verdict

3.5 Stars

Fair, Elizabeth - author photo from Bramton Wick

Author Elizabeth Fair

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You can read all about author Elizabeth Fair’s books HERE.

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    1. You’d love all of the Dean Street Furrowed Middle Brow Books. They are so nice. If you have a Kindle they are usually $2.99. You can get the free Kindle reading app for your pc or phone so you do not have to purchase a Kindle.


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