Reading Ireland Month Review: The Statement by Brian Moore–UPDATED


#readingirelandmonth22 or #begorrathon22

My Interest

Cathy at 746 Books introduced me to Irish author Brian Moore when she hosted a read-along for the author’s 100th birthday year. I did not get anything read for that, but kept him in mind. This month is Read Ireland Month, (also hosted by Cathy) so I made sure to start with a Brian Moore book. This is the one I could get on e-audio from the library.

His name is Brian–Bree-an? I did not know that. I was thinking Brian.

The Story

“…he could feel no contrition. He had never felt contrition for the acts of his life.”

In Nazi-occupied Vichy France, Pierre Brossard, was responsible for the execution of 14 Jews and for other crimes against humanity in the War. Since then he has come to hate other groups, too–the “Noir” especially. Now past retirement age, Brossard rejected a Vatican passport and the chance to hide away in South America years ago. To stay alive he has been constantly on the run staying at religious retreat houses, monasteries, and other places of “sanctuary” and supported by a conservative Catholic group. A new surge of interest in bringing fugitive Nazi’s and Nazi-sympathizers to justice means he is in trouble. The newer factions in the church are turning against him and those doors of sanctuary are closing for him. What will he do?

My Thoughts

I thought this a very good political thriller. Good suspense, realistic atmosphere and believable events were what impressed me the most. The inner dialogue, the conversations, the nightmares, though, were what made it so good. When we hear the fugitive admit he has never felt ANY contrition! Wow. No words. Yet no one can truly believe, looking at today’s world, that he was alone in that feeling. Powerful book.

The Statement by Brian Moore

To learn more about Reading Ireland Month, read the introductory post found here.



ERC 2022

Due to the setting, this book is also one I read for the 2022 European Reading Challenge hosted by Rose City Reader


7 thoughts on “Reading Ireland Month Review: The Statement by Brian Moore–UPDATED

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  1. I am very glad you reviewed this book. I had been thinking about what Brian Moore book I could read sometime soon, and this one sounds like a good choice. I do have this in the ebook edition. The two other books I have read by Moore are The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne and Black Robe, both read last year.

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  2. I have not read anything by this author. I love how you introduce me to new authors. I will look forward to reading something by Bree-an.


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