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Nature Books on my TBR


I love nature. I do not spend enough time out of doors. Today I took a walk around the parking lot at work–a habit I have had for year. Usually at 3 pm I get up and do a lap around the parking lot. It was good to re-establish that habit on my new job. I took time to really LOOK at the sky, to see the overgrown field near the parking lot, to smell the fresh air. It’s the best kind of break. I also enjoy nature writing.  So here are a few of the nature books on my Goodreads TBR shelf.

I loved the author’s book Wintering: A Season With Geese and have been looking forward to this one. I will probably have to buy it though–hence the delay. The Eternal Season: Ghosts of Summers Past, Present and Future and The Seafarers by Stephen Rutt.


The pretty cover of this book caught my eye. The Garden in Every Sense and Season by Tovah Martin.


I so enjoyed the Hawk parts of H is For Hawk by Helen MacDonald that this title called to me. Goshawk Summer by James Aldred.


I’ve always wanted to go to Maine. This book sounds so wonderful. A Year in the Maine Woods by Bernd Heinrich.


I’ve always wished I hadn’t been too shy to take the bird watching class in college. I’ve signed up for a bird watching group, paid my fee, but was too shy to go. So, this book was obviously written for me. Field Notes From an Unintentional Birder by Julia Zarankin.


This sounds so lovely I hope I can find it somewhere. On the Marsh by Simon Barnes.


I’m embarrassed to say that I ordered this from the UK when it came out. It’s on the desk before me. I’ve barely cracked it open. I must read it. Diary of a Young Naturalist by Dara McAnulty.


This sounds wonderful. I’ve never lived on or near water so I’m fascinated. Life Between the Tides by Adam Nicolson.


Fungi are the most interesting “life forms”–are they plants? They are nature at least. I went to a program at my local library a few years ago and learned even more about them. This book came out after that. I enjoyed the book The Mushroom Hunters, which I discovered in that program, and since have been looking for more very readable layman’s books on the subject. Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake.


I started this years ago and was mesmerized, but then something happened and I got distracted and forgot it. I need to pick it up and finish it. I regret that I gave away the Young Reader’s Edition several years ago. It was fabulous. I still have the “grown up’s” version though. The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson.

How about you? Are you a birder? Do you garden? What nature books have you enjoyed? Leave me a comment or a link to your post(s).

6 thoughts on “Nature Books on my TBR

  1. Lovely collection of books, at least one for every aspect of nature, from tide pools to mushrooms! Like you, I love being “outdoors,” but, alas, don’t manage it often enough. I was, for awhile, a sort of half-baked birder and still observe when I’m walking around. I know what you mean, however, by being too shy for a group. I actually got quite a bit of enjoyment from my backyard bird feeder; although I saw lots of the same things, the behavior was interesting and quite often something new popped in for a free meal!


  2. A great idea for a post. During our first lockdown it was great to watch as more birds came into the garden to the feeders. And my husband set up more bird boxes, two with cameras and it was wonderful to see the birds building nests, hatching eggs and the fledglings eventually emerge. And there were more nature programmes on TV – I bought some books recommended from them – and saw Dara McAnulty on Chris Packham’s programmes. I might pinch your idea and post my own nature TBRs as well. 🙂


  3. What a wonderful list of nature books! Since I live in Florida so nature and sunshine are what it’s all about. I love being outside except when it’s very hot and humid. So many different birds in our area. Just fascinating to watch them!

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    1. I agree–so beautiful. I’d love to spend a week sometime by the sea–anywhere. I’ve never really experienced it. I’ve been to Florida but not since ’74 and “water” was the pool at my Grandmother’s country club.


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