Run, Rose, Run: A Novel by Dolly Parton and James Patterson UPDATED


My Interest

Like I said last week in this post, anyone who supports literacy as avidly as Dolly Parton gets my vote. Plus, I’ve never read any of the James Patterson franchise before so why not start with Dolly?

The Story

“..that girl’s so gorgeous she could sing like a barn cat in heat and people would call her the next Maria Callas”

A mysterious singer with a fabulous voice arrives in Nashville. Country music legend Ruth Anna R…. now adamantly in retirement,  takes her under her wing and nurtures her. But why? Annie Lee’s rise is meteoric, but someone is trying to stop her–or even kill her. Can former US Army Captain Ethan…. save her? What’s her story? Who is after her?

My Thoughts

I won’t be a snob. The books Patterson does with others are an interesting business–a ghost writer out in the open. Money, money, money, but like I said in the other post, those who don’t like it are mostly upset that they didn’t think of it first.. Has the partnership launched any solo careers?  Honestly, I don’t know. But, it’s a smart business deal. I don’t think Dolly Parton writing a thriller is any different than the Dowager Baroness Glenconner writing her mysteries. (I’m pretty sure she either has either a really alert editor or a ghost writer). Except Dolly, as in so many things, like her recent refusal of nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is transparent about so many things.

But the book itself. Ok, it’s not terrible for a first book. There. I’ve said it. I hope people will be that kind if mine is ever published. Was it pretty predictable? Mostly, but not all. Was RuthAnna believable as Dolly–of course! That was the best part of the book to me.

There was just a glimpse of Dolly and of Tru’vie and of Dora Lee and of the young gal singing with Porter Wagoner and the lady belting out Islands in the Stream with Kenny Rogers, too. It’s really hip to love Dolly right now, but I’ve been on her side for a long time. She didn’t forget where she came from. In fact she put her money where her mouth was and got tourism into her home area to let people have a job. And, her promotion of literacy is huge. I love her. Heck, she’s got her own Little Golden Book biography!

Complaints for James Patterson–not Dolly.

The audio was terrible! It was like one of those kids books where you press a button when you see a certain image and it makes the right sound (for my kids it was the sniffing puppy sound in 101 Dalmations that they liked best)–there was a little dead air as each performer’s voice was cut into the recording. “I’d rather walk on my lips than criticize anyone,” (as Tru’vie says in Steel Magnolias), but at times one of the really big names on this audio sounded like “they” needed a better strength of Poly-Grip, but it could just be the utterly crappy sound on the audio.

You’d think after writing a book with Bill Clinton that Patterson would a) not think it weird to use BBQ sauce as ketchup on french fries (hello? Loaded pulled pork fries are a big thing, ok? Plus, ketchup is gross. BBQ sauce is no weirder than mayo on fries–which I also like) and b) who the hell goes into a bar with a flashing Budwieser sign and orders a “pint?” Big ole eye roll on that–and he’s an American!

Finally, with the crappy audio I may have misheard, but Bensonville, Arkansas is nowhere?? Do you know what’s IN Bensonville, Patterson?? It’s the home of Wal-Mart. That was just odd. Maybe I misheard.

Final Thoughts

Love Dolly or not, as vanity projects go this one gets a solid C+ or 3.0 Stars on the Country Music Walk of Fame. I assume this is a one-off, but we’ll see. Maybe Dolly has more stories to tell. And, here’s hoping Dolly plays Ruth Anna in the movie–if there is one.

My Verdict


Run, Rose, Run: A Novel by Dolly Parton and James Patterson


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  1. I’ve been anxiously awaiting your review on this one. Enjoyed your thoughts on it. I’ve read only a couple of James Patterson’s books. I feel the same as you about Dolly.

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