My First Manga Review! A Man & His Cat 01 by Umi Sakuri UPDATED


Thank you to blogger  A Fondness For Reading for introducing me to this book. Won’t you be nice and click the link and read their post? Thanks

My Interest

There is an epidemic of isolation, of loneliness, and of needing love in this world. I am blessed to have my Mom, brother, and children all nearby. But like many, my life is enriched by my pets. Currently, that’s two cats-sisters or litter mates, if you prefer.. We lost their aunt a few weeks ago, so they are finding new schedules now with nap spots, sunshine spots and access to ME. For me, it’s nice to come home to someone–even someone who wants dinner immediately! For many their pet is the only living, loving thing in their life. Those who do not have pets or often do not understand how much love is in the relationship. Queen Elizabeth’s new corgi was given for a reason–she needed the love it would bring after the death of Prince Philip. In that she is a totally normal, ordinary, everyday widow. She needed the puppy.

For those who wonder, yes I also love dogs and horses. We had horses when I was little and I miss them. My brother and sister-in-law have horses now. I had a wonderful dog–a Keeshond, for many years. He died just before we moved here and I still miss him, but my lease is limited in terms of the number of pets I can have. Plus my long commute makes it impossible for a dog to be happy. Even if I had a fence, people steal dogs today or report people so “cruel” as to leave an outdoor-loving dog outside in reasonable weather with food, shelter, and water. So, no dog. I see my grand-dog, Sophie when I can.

Finally, I have looked at Manga so many times! It’s so different. I thought it looked fun, but thought it was for teens, tweens, twenty-somethings, and drunk Japanese Salarymen on their way  home from a night out. I knew some of it was, lets just say “not family friendly” and leave it at that. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered this book! (Series, actually like most Manga).

The Story

Manga is a style of Japanese comic. Reading manga is different than reading a comic, book, or magazine in English. Learning to read manga in a right to left and then up to down sequence, correctly interpreting panel elements, and exploring characters’ emotions by familiarizing yourself with some common emotional iconography will help you get the most from your manga.

From Wiki How

“I just decided I wanted him….He’s so very… Very Loveable”

Fukumaru is a forgotten kitten who grew big in a pet shop. He is a Scottish Fold, a breed beloved of librarians of a certain age (ahem–my age) as the breed was featured for years on the Baker & Taylor library jobber’s posters. Your cubicle, desk-side,wall or whatever, had a real cache if you scored one of these! They were, in my estimation at least, right up there with the Sean Connery READ poster! (I had one of those!)

Fukumaru is discovered one day by a lonely older man–a widower with grown children. He takes the odd looking kitty home and…loves him. That’s the story. BUt it is so wonderful! The author “gets it” with cats and people.

My Thoughts

I never knew so much emotion could be packed into what we often put down as “comic books.” Richie Rich and Archie, Jughead, Veronica and Veronica never prepared me for this! What a sweet, sweet book! I could HEAR Fukumaru nom, nom, nom-ing his food! I could feel him kneading away on the covers! I felt his head-bumps.  I loved this story. I wanted to be totally silly and read it to MY cats, but they had their naps to take and I know better than to mess with that!

This is the perfect gift for cat people! But, I must say–I thought “Riceball” would have been a darned cute name for him. Butterbean, too! That said, I’m not sure about reading the whole series. We’ll see. Maybe an annual visit?

My Verdict


A Man and His Cat 01 by Umi Sakurai

Another Japanese story not to be missed:


The Traveling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa, translated by Philip Gabriel

6 thoughts on “My First Manga Review! A Man & His Cat 01 by Umi Sakuri UPDATED

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  1. This sounds lovely, and is definitely on my list to get to. I read another cat centred manga recently, Sue and Tai-Chan which focuses more on the relationship and everyday adventures of the senior cat Sue and little Tai-Chan who comes into their lives. I think you’ll love that as well. I’ll link your review on my cat page in a bit😺😺


  2. I am a cat lover so was delighted to see this review. I know I’d enjoy this book so much. I, too, like to read about your pets and animal history.


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