Nature Writing: Springathon 2022–May 9 to May 22, 2022

This is my second year participating in Springathon! You can read last year’ announcement post or my Springathon reviews:

Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller (fiction) or A Furious Sky by Eric Jay Dolin (nonfiction)

My 2022 Reading Possibilities

I have picked up Diary of a Young Naturalist and read little bits here and there, but not the whole thing. And, yes, it was on last year’s possibilities list!

Four Gardens by Magery Sharp is from my favorite–Dean Street Press’s Furrowed Middle Brow collection. 

Recently, I did a post on Nature Books on my TBR–click the link to read it if you are looking for more book suggestions. Last year’s Springathon announcement post also lists several good books. The introductory video, the video below, and other videos of participating vloggers also have a wealth of book suggestions.

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