Review: Under the Golden Sun by Jenny Ashcroft


My Interest

Thank you to #Netgalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.

I enjoyed the author’s earlier book, Meet Me In Bombay, in spite of some problems with the story. I liked the sound of this story, too. World War II, an orphaned child, a long journey–so much to attract my interest.

The Story

Rose, who has recently been discharged from the Women’s division of the RAF for an unwed pregnancy, signs on to accompany a mixed-race child back to his family in Australia. Her uncle is close to the Prime Minister, her boy friend is an upper-class New Yorker working for a newspaper (whom the audio performer unfortunately makes sound like a gangster in a B movie). She instantly falls in love with Walter (the child) and agrees to accompany him to his extended family in Australia.

Their ship with go in a convoy hoping to evade German u-boats.The boy’s mother was struck by a bus and his grandmother is dying. Her Uncle (the one friendly with “Winston”) asks, sanely, “is there anyone else [the boy] can go to?” Still recovering from her miscarriage, Rose sees this as a great opportunity. Her brother, Joe, is an RAF pilot who happens to have known the child’s uncle, Max, who flew for the RAAF before miraculously surviving a crash. Rose arrives in Australia after the long months at sea and …..

My Thoughts

I’ll be totally honest: I was in the mood for a book like this! I need some adventure, some romance, and some tweaking at the heartstrings. This book fit the bill and then some.

Were there problems? Mistakes? Yes, The only one I’ll harp on (ok, aside from “grabbing her seat belt” in an Australian Ute in 1941) was that “Winston” had Rose’s family over to ride at Blenheim Palace. Now Winston could very well have rung up or written to his first cousin (Consuelo Vanderbilt’s son) the Duke of Marlborough and asked him to let friends ride the Duke’s horses on the Blenheim estate, but I think it much more likely that “friends” of “Winston” would have gone to HIS home, Chartwell, in Kent and ridden his horses. But, that’s just me. Minor point.

I liked this story very well in spite of any flaws. I thought Walter was sweet. I thought Rose’s Uncle Lionel was right to be concerned, but I knew she’d be ok in spite of everything. This is a great poolside or beach read.

My Verdict


Under the Golden Sun: A Novel by Jenny Ashcroft

Questions for the editor: They waited for a SHIP to take them from Brisbane to Sydney in 1941??

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4 thoughts on “Review: Under the Golden Sun by Jenny Ashcroft

  1. I haven’t read this, but I’ve read another of Jenny Ashcroft’s books, Beneath a Burning Sky. I had a few problems with it, but thought it was a nice light, entertaining summer read. Maybe I’ll try this one.


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