A Great Start to My Net Galley Year


This year has been a very successful one for me in terms of NetGalley books awarded, read, and reviewed.  10 books so far either read or enjoyed on audio! And 2 books I did not review because I DNF-ed them.

Net Galley Books Read and Reviewed in the First Half of 2022

My Reviews

After the Romanovs by Helen Rappaport

Bloomsbury Girls: A Novel by Natalie Jenner

Book Woman’s Daughter by Kim Michele Richardson

Did Ye Hear Mammy Died? by Seamus O’Reilly

Little Souls by Sandra Dallas

Mary Churchill’s War by Mary Churchill [Soames]

Sixteen Trees of the Somme by Lars Mytting

Under the Golden Sun by Jenny Ashcroft

Before June ends I should also finish I may finish one more book from Net Galley.

What about you? Do you request and review books from Net Galley? Do you have a post like this? Leave me a link. Or, just leave me a comment.

18 thoughts on “A Great Start to My Net Galley Year

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  1. Yes, since I have become a retired teacher and now a library director I have been doing NetGalley reviews. I love the opportunity to get books digitally before they are published. Karen

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  2. Wow that’s awesome. I’m on NetGalley, but I haven’t reviewed a book in ages. I felt too much pressure. It’s too bad because it’s a great way to get early copies of good books. Great job – did you earn a new badge?


  3. Good going. When I first joined netgalley last year I was the proverbial kid in sweet shop, picking titles willynilly. Left myself with a lot to read and have a feedback ratio of 61%. Have become much more careful with my picks.

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  4. I love Net Galley. Like Adrian, I have become a lot fussier about the books that I request so that my shelf stays manageable. It’s a great way to discover new books and authors though.

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  5. I’m so glad you ended up enjoying so many of these! I keep digging myself a hole on NetGalley. I swear every year that once I catch up on my ARCs, I’ll stop requesting more… but then something pops up that I really want, and there goes that resolution! I’m trying to keep up with my current ARCs and read them by their publication dates, but I feel like I have way too many coming up in the next two months. After that, I swear Ill cut back!!

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  6. Some good books there, no overlaps with mine, amusingly! I try to get publication MONTH right but don’t fuss about the date, and I’ve done really well with that this year myself, though with some older ones still hanging around.

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  7. I used NetGalley for years but like others, I felt pressure to finish and review. I totally disliked the pesky emails about where is my review. I don’t like to do reviews but always do them for books from the publishers. I am glad you are enjoying their books. Keep up the great work!

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