Top Ten Tuesday: Books Set In a Place I’d Love to Visit (real places or fictional)


Where would I like to visit? Real or imagined? Hmmmmm…. I’m trying to think of places I haven’t used in similar posts so no Hogwarts Library or something like that today. Different Places.

A Ranch


Most of this fun rom-com is set on a ranch. Steers, horses, farm dogs, probably some barn cats–sign me up! The BodyGuard: A Novel by Katherine Center.

Portofino, Italy

1920’s Portofino is the subject of my book review tomorrow–The Hotel Portofino. 1960s Portofino is the location of one of my all-time favorite family life/boyhood/coming-of-age novels, the often hilarious Portofino by Frank Schaeffer.



I’ve signed up to go birding before, but chickened out every time. I’m the kind of introvert who can talk to a group, but being in a group is hard. As is getting up really early on Saturday. This book is about one of the GOATs of birding–and its a captivating read. Life List by Olivia Gentile.

Berlin and Amsterdam

I was just saying to another blogger how I’d love to retire in Berlin or Amsterdam–cities I’ve never visited, because they seem so livable and do not seem to require a car. Two books I’ve enjoyed set in these cities are The Vintage Springtime Club and The Light of Amsterdam.

On a Cat-Led Book Saving Operation


Saving the world, one book at a time, led by a cat? Sign me up! This book is amazing. The Cat Who Saved Books: A Novel by Sosuke Matsukawa.

A Cornish Village

There’s more to Cornwall that old Mrs. Danvers at Manderley!! I love the cozy romantic stories set in little Cornish towns. [Though since I live in a little American town, I see them less rose-colored!] Ella’s Ice Cream Summer (my review is coming soon) is the one I’ve read most recently. I’ve loved all of the Cornish Midwife series–the most recent one I’ve read is A Summer Wedding for a Cornish Midwife.

I’d love to visit the folks at the Jane Austen Society and discuss rare book cataloging as well as Jane Austen. My former boss and friend sent me these two tea towels–one is Jane Austen’s home. I’ve been to Bath but that’s it for Jane sites.


Check out the rules at That Artsy Reader Girl and join in next week!

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books Set In a Place I’d Love to Visit (real places or fictional)

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  1. A ranch would be neat. When I was a kid I always liked the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew ones where they’d go t a dude ranch or whatever. 🙂 Also Hotel Portofino. I started the PBS series but must have missed that it was based on a book! Have you tried the show?

    Cornwall also.


  2. Very interesting. I’ve never been birding but it’s something I think I’d like to do if I could do it without a lot of walking. My arthritic hips has curtailed my walking. There are so many places I wanted to visit and those include some you have listed. I hope you get to go those places.


  3. I would love to spend time on a ranch. I love to ride although I have not done it for years. I have never gone birding, but love watching the birds out my window. Great choices, Lisa.


  4. Portofino has long been on my wishlist but I’m afraid it would be too busy to fully appreciate. The crowds in summer are horrendous apparently.

    Berlin and Amsterdam are both fabulous cities – I have a friend who lives in Berlin so she takes us off the beaten track which is great fun.

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