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Women in Translation Month 2022


Several years ago, noticed that women authors were under-represented in translated literature. To change this she started Women in Translation Month. Her blog, Biblibio tells more about the event HERE. A great many book bloggers, academics, and even publishers, participate. If you are looking for more books in translation just Google “books in translation” or start here with a good, new-ish list from the New York Times, Globetrotting [ lists 77 new books in translation].

This challenge is one I’ve done before, but only once. I got to looking back through my reading, in the years that I’ve been tracking such books, about half of the 43 translated books I’ve read were by women.

Women Authors Read in Translation so far in 2022

Links are to my review.

The Vintage Springtime Club

The Loop

Portrait of an Unknown Lady

New to Translated Books?

If you are intimidated by the phrase “in translation,” her are my suggestions for first-time reading.

These three books are good “starter” books for reading in translation. You don’t have to know loads about the other culture, there isn’t a ton of historical knowledge needed and none of these is very long. Give one a go!

Links are either to my review or to Amazon–I do not make money off your click.

Girls of Riyadh

The Vintage Springtime Club [show at the top of the post with a different cover]

The Housekeeper and the Professor

What Will I Read?

The Girl in the Tree

Easy Life in Kamusari

Bitter Orange Tree

I haven’t chosen yet! Here are two possibilities. Neither is very long and both interest me. Since I have just decided to do this challenge again, it could be either or both or these or a different book(s) all together. Watch this space.

My 2020 WIT Month Reviews

The Boy Between Worlds

Murmur of Bees

How to Cook Your Husband the African Way

Will you be participating in Women in Translation Month this month? If so, leave me a comment or a link to your own post–I’d love to hear about what you plan to read.

5 thoughts on “Women in Translation Month 2022

  1. I usually read something for Women in Translation Month but I’m not sure if I’ll manage to fit anything in this year. I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to read!

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