Review: Highland Hens by Judy Leigh


My Interest

I’ve really enjoyed the author’s previous books–all of which off fun romances for older people. They feature people you’d like to know. There’s nothing in them that would smack of an Oprah’s Book Club pick. They’re just nice and a lot of fun. Plus, this one features a great country house in Scotland. So, what’s not to love?

The Story

Jess arrives in the Highlands to stay at a B &B for a short visit. The repairs on her cottage down south in England are now going to be prolonged. She decides to accept a job at Glen Carrick House (the local “big house”) as a companion to former dancer, Mimi McKinlay. Mimi holds Chardonnay Show Time in the evenings when she lets herself go and dances just for the fun of it. She has a slightly out-sized personality. Fortunately her 3 adult sons, Fin, Angus, and Hamish, are devoted to her and see to it that she comes to no harm. Jess is a wonderful addition to the family.

But there are things about Mimi’s past no one is sure of: WAS she a dancer in the West End of London? Or was she just a common “call girl” in the parlance of the 1950s? Can Jess help her live her last years to their fullest?

My Thoughts

This book was very different in tone (well, to me at least!) to Judy Leigh’s other books. It was even a little confusing at the beginning–probably because I was listening to it and my life is a bit unsettled right now. I got “up”on everything and then started to enjoy the story. Like all of Judy Leigh’s books, this is about romance at a later time in life, only this time there are multiple possibilities for who will become romantically involved. I liked that. Mimi’s story was so touching. I liked her zest for life. Jess was exactly who you’d want to find to be a companion for an elderly person–thoughtful, caring, polite, but personable in all the right ways. I loved the relationship that developed between Jess and Mimi. The McKinlay brothers were a great trio–not too good to be true, but just close enough to be believable. And Thor. Sigh. Sweet Thor! This is a sweet story, but never cloying or precious.

My Verdict


The Highland Hens by Judy Leigh

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  1. This sounds brilliant. I love romances that aren’t too predictable. One thing that can be boring about some romance novels is the inevitability of the romance. If there’s a bit of a question, it males it a lot more interesting for me.

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