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Review: Age of Misadventure by Judy Leigh


My Interest

When I like an author I usually decide to read/listen to their entire back list. This is, I believe, Judy Leigh’s 2nd novel. Once again, I was in need of an audio book. I was out of Audible credits and nothing I’d requested was in from the library’s e-audio collections, so I found this in my Chirp stash. Chirp does not pay me to mention them–but if you haven’t found them for great deals on audio books check then out! New deals daily, so if you enjoy audio books make sure to get their emails–and best of all, there is no subscription fee.

The Story

Georgina Turner’s life in Liverpool is in a bit of a rut. She has her own business as a “beauty therapist” that she runs from her home. Her adult daughter, Jade, is a personal trainer who lives with her mother and has her gym in the basement. Nearby lives Georgina’s aunt known to all as “Nanny” or “Nan” and her sister, Bonnie, married to the sleazy Adrian “Ady” who finds himself in the grips of an unforgiving mobster like business partner.

Jade meets a professional footballer [soccer player] who lives in Brighton. Georgina takes frozen dinners, and some home cooked ones, to unappreciative but dependent old Aunt Nanny as part of her weekly routine. Bonnie is constantly treated badly by philandering husband and his “wandering womb weevil,” but this time he owes money and its become dangerous to stay in Liverpool. So, Georgina decides to make a get-away that keeps them all safe from the angry mobster, but provides bonding time. Jade, newly in love, only wants to go to Brighton to start living with her soccer hero boyfriend. Along the way they have a very stressful “misadventure” that lands them in another soccer players apartment with a 24/7 police presence protecting them. But then there’s that bracelet, eh, “Bon-Bon?” And what does a vegetable spiralizer have to to do with it all?

My Thoughts

For a second novel, this isn’t bad. While it isn’t as warm and fun as Leigh’s later novels, there is the warmth of family and friendship ties that are hallmarks of all of Judy Leigh’s novels. In this one, she was still finding her way with story lines. This one, to me, was a tad unbelievable, but then I wasn’t a Sopranos fan!  Ha! I loved the way Georgina took charge and made everyone comfortable when possible. Nanny was just plain fun! Bonnie was like so many wives who trust their husband’s too much–vulnerable and afraid to live.

I loved the touch of romance that gave the story a rosy overtone. It is hard enough to make platonic friends at 50+ so when a romance happens that’s worth having, I celebrate.

In spite of this, I felt the story was a bit belabored–the road trip maybe a stop too long, the life in the soccer player’s flat with the police just a little too long.I also did not think the police would dither like they did. No matter! Judy Leigh tells a good story and her books are all worthwhile.

My Verdict

3 Stars

The Age of Misadventure by Judy Leigh

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7 thoughts on “Review: Age of Misadventure by Judy Leigh

  1. I liked your review of another of Judy Leigh’s books. I keep saying that I’m going to read something by her but other books I’ve ordered at the library keep arriving. Guess I need to just pare down that list!!


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