Novellas in November 2022

Last week I posted my plans for Nonfiction November (as much as I ever plan), so today I’m brainstorming for Novellas in November. I even kept a list this year! Better yet, I FOUND this list! Victory! Remember, November has the mother lode of reading events: Novellas in November, Nonfiction November, German Literature Month, and Aussie Reading Month as well as many others.

Each Week’s Theme from hostesses, Cathy at 746 Books and Bookish Beck:

They’ll both put up an opening post on 1 November where you can leave your links throughout the month, to be rounded up on the 30th, and we’ll take turns introducing a theme each Tuesday.

1 – 7 November: Short Classics (Rebecca)

8 – 14 November: Novellas in Translation (Cathy)

15 – 21 November: Short Non-Fiction (Rebecca)

22 – 28 November: Contemporary Novellas (Cathy)

29/30 November: My Month in Novellas/ New to my TBR

(As a reminder, we suggest 150–200 pages as the upper limit for a novella, and post-1980 as a definition of “contemporary.”) This year’s buddy read will be: Foster by Clare Keegan. It will be released in the USA on November 1–the link has pre-order details.

What I May Read


My Hygge Home , a short nonfiction book, isn’t released until November 15th, so that may be a problem if I am still unemployed. Plus, I loved listening to his voice! I hope the audio is announced soon. The President’s Hat I have already requested from the library. The Diary (I love diaries!) is super cheap on kindle–The Diary of a 100 Year Old Amused Senior. If I decide it is a “must” I’ll splurge. I’m hoping either the German Lit or Aussie Reads selection will be a novella–no telling though since I’m still researching those.

Novellas Read So Far in 2022

I’ve read/listened to many novellas this year. My post-Covid, unemployed (twice in one year) brain seems to do best with this length right now. A few are translations, so if you are doing Novellas in November and want suggestions for that week, see The Ardent Swarm, Loop, Portrait of an Unknown Lady, The Cat Who Saved Books, and Tales from the Cafe. [Volume I, Before the Coffee Gets Cold review is here].

A Short nonfiction book or nonfiction “novella” is Did Ye Hear Mammy Died?

The others below are fiction. The first four are new: Swimmers, Small Things Like These, Love & Saffron, and Border Less. The Mysterious Affair at Styles, and The Finishing School are much older.

Two that are slightly longer, but still under 250 pages (the limit is really 200). These are two of my favorite books read this year, so I’m including them for those who don’t mind a little bit longer book.

Are you participating in Novellas in November this year? Have you recently read and reviewed a good novella? Leave me a comment or a link to your post.

8 thoughts on “Novellas in November 2022

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  1. I have The Swimmers on my TBR as well together with Nella Larsen’s Passing and Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982. For the spooky season this year, I’ve read two novellas, Carmella and Coraline, both of which I enjoyed.

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  2. Still noodling on my options , trying to be very disciplined and choose only books I already have. I do have several for the contemporary fiction week, and one each for the other weeks. I’m unlikely to get to all of them though.

    The President’s Hat is a very light read – you’ll race through it

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