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Novellas in November: Short Classics and Novellas in Translation


Each Week’s Theme from hostesses, Cathy at 746 Books and Bookish Beck:

They’ll both put up an opening post on 1 November where you can leave your links throughout the month, to be rounded up on the 30th, and we’ll take turns introducing a theme each Tuesday.

1 – 7 November: Short Classics (Rebecca)

8 – 14 November: Novellas in Translation (Cathy)

15 – 21 November: Short Non-Fiction (Rebecca)

22 – 28 November: Contemporary Novellas (Cathy)

29/30 November: My Month in Novellas/ New to my TBR

(As a reminder, we suggest 150–200 pages as the upper limit for a novella, and post-1980 as a definition of “contemporary.”) This year’s buddy read will be: Foster by Clare Keegan.


I’m slow getting into my reading, so these are from the novellas I read earlier in the year.

The Short Classic


185 pages that launched a career unlike any other! The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie.

Novella in  Translation

From Spanish


Loop by Brenda Lozana, translated by Annie McDermott, 184 pages.

Two Translated from Japanese

207 and 145 pages–ok, the one is over the limit, but trust me–you won’t notice. The Cat Who Saved Books is a good book for anyone to enjoy. Excellent as a read aloud with kids in about 3rd to 8th grades. Tales From the Cafe (as well as the previous volume Before the Coffee Gets Cold) are a delight–a bit of magical realism, but just a bit. So little that I could still enjoy the book.

Are you participating in Novellas in November? Leave me a comment or a link to your post. I’d enjoy seeing what you’ve read and are reading.

6 thoughts on “Novellas in November: Short Classics and Novellas in Translation

  1. I feel like I need to do one of those “influencer” posts for Novellas in November like we do every year for Nonfiction November, where we list all the books we’ve added to our TBR and link to the person who blogged about those books during the November event. I’m adding so many awesome-sounding books to my TBR! I added Loop and the two Japanese books with cats thanks to your post. I tried and failed to read Agatha Christie once but will probably try her again some day.


  2. Nice choices: I have read two novellas so far, both nonfiction, and reviewed them, and I have another one – a novel – to read in the next few days. I’m ahead on Nonfiction November books and behind on AusReading Month at the moment, though at least have read one book for each challenge this month!


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