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Review: Mistletoe and Magic for the Cornish Midwife by Jo Bartlett


My Interest

I enjoyed the first two books in this series, but had a hard time getting the next book on audio, so haven’t read that one. This book is book #6 or so, although at least one book has a different title in the USA, I think this one is the same on both sides of the Atlantic. I love the midwives! Each book focuses on a different member of the local midwife team–think Call the Midwife, but set today and in Cornwall. I’ve liked them all so far.

The Story

Back home after a failed marriage in New Zealand, Nadia and her two young children are currently living with her mother in very tight quarters. She’s missing her beloved Labrador who had to stay in New Zealand with her estranged husband. Her job is her sanity at the moment, but with Christmas approaching and ratty soon-to-be-ex-hubs Ryan off living the life with a new girlfriend, his Facetime appearances with his two kids are getting further and further and further apart. Meanwhile, the father of one of her daughter’s classmates, Hamish by name,  is a doctor and he’s well…he’s pretty much everything Nadia has always wanted in a guy. He loves his kids, treats her and her children very nicely and is an all-around good guy. So now what? [No Spoilers]

My Thoughts

Like Jenny Colgan and Judy Leigh, these are pleasant books–nothing too angst-inducing. I love the villages in which these ladies live, enjoy their family stories, like the local businesses like the Fish & Chips place and the Cookie Jar and the rest of them.

Nadia’s story though, did induce a little angst. I could just see so many of my friends as we went along through the parenting years. They’d all have to lie for the divorced dad who couldn’t get his act together and do the right thing. Sadly, then many were burned when the “fun Dad” years began and he reappeared dangling a car in front of a 16 year old to get back in good graces and then lied about everything. Thankfully, they couldn’t keep the act going and at least 1 car was repossessed. I hope Nadia doesn’t go through all that was what I was thinking!!

Hamish was believable and likeable as was the story with his elder daughter. Oh, and dog lovers? This one I’ll give a brief spoiler on. Never fear–ok? The dog makes it back to those who love her.

My Verdict



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5 thoughts on “Review: Mistletoe and Magic for the Cornish Midwife by Jo Bartlett

  1. I really need to pick this series up. I will have to see what I can find. Nice that this is an enjoyable series, with likable characters. I am also in an audiobook pattern, Lisa. They work while doing other things and keep me entertained.


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