Review: Meredith Alone by Claire Alexander


First, thank you to for a free copy of this audio book in exchange for a fair review.

My Interest

Home is my favorite place on Earth. I leave it willingly, but I COVID showed I could just stay home. I’d still love to find a job I could do at home, too. And, ironically, Meredith in this story does one job I tried very hard to find.

The Story

At the start of the story we know that Claire hasn’t left her home in more than 1,000 days. She lives in a neat home she owns (pays a mortgage on) with her beloved cat, Fred. She has a sister and mother, and a best friend, Sadie. She is not a true recluse. She has online friends, texts friends, and calls friends. But why?

One day a representative of a caring organization arrives and Tom becomes her friend and we begin to learn how her past makes her present more understandable.

My Thoughts

This book has all the makings of an Oprah book, and you all know my thoughts on those! In spite of that, it was wonderful. Yes, some bad things happened. No, the reader wasn’t made to suffer every horrible detail. Claire is all of us–if such and such had come our way. Thankfully, she had enough support to make it through. I liked Claire–the sort of person I’d love as a friend. I liked her buddy Saddie, too. I felt for her sister. I didn’t feel anything but cold and disgust for ….. [No Spoilers]


My Verdict


Meredith Alone by Claire Alexander

I listened to the audio version.



5 thoughts on “Review: Meredith Alone by Claire Alexander

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  1. I just finished this novel. Read it in a much shorter time than I usually do. It was very enjoyable despite the bad things that happened. Like you, I like being home especially after working in an office for so many years. I’m like Claire – I keep busy all the time. After all the baking she did, I got in the mood to make a pineapple-upside-down cake and now I’m thinking about peanut butter cookies!

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    1. I love to cook and bake, but I also love to eat! Helping my Mom when she was 240lbs made me see I had to lose weight. I’ve started baking again, but with reicipes for 1 or 2 servings. Hint: It isn’t nearly as fun lol


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