Six Degrees of Separation: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

How the meme works

Books can be linked in obvious ways – for example, books by the same authors, from the same era or genre, or books with similar themes or settings. Or, you may choose to link them in more personal ways: books you read on the same holiday, books given to you by a particular friend, books that remind you of a particular time in your life, or books you read for an online challenge.A book doesn’t need to be connected to all the other books on the list, only to the ones next to them in the chain. Read more at Books Are My Favorite and Best

My Review of The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Book One

The first book that came to mind was about a different kind of “snow child”–a “love child”  (well, possibly not, possibly something much worse) conceived by two great Hollywood stars while filming Call of the Wild in, among other places, Alaska where The Snow Child is set. Clark Gable and Loretta Young had a daughter. All The Stars in the Heavens by Adriana Trigiani tells the story of the whole thing–the daughter and her “beginnings.” (My review is linked).

Book Two



Call of the Wild would have been too simple for the next book, instead I went with another book with “stars” in the title–one on my TBR for way too long. Ike and Bradley were among the members of that class–two cadets who ended their Army careers as 5 Star Generals (American equivalent of a Field Marshall). Bradley would be the last to ever have 5 stars.

Books Three


(My weakest link) Someone who knew too much about the fort at West Point and had an evil itch to share it was Benedict Arnold, who appears in My Dear Hamilton (but NOT in Hamilton on Broadway) by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie. I DNF-ed this due to the audio reader, but that’s not the author’s fault.

Book Four


My Dear Hamilton was about Eliza Schuyler Hamilton. Another book…er…um, well PLAY, that features an “Eliza” is Shaw’s Pygmallion (and it’s movie counterpart My Fair Lady).


Book Five


A book that tells of trying to get a role acting in a play is Helene Hanff’s Under Foot in Show Business.Hanff for many years wrote television scripts–plays for t.v.

Book Six

41b5H8CU4ULA book that could almost be a fictionalized version of Under Foot in Show Business is Herman Wouk’s Marjorie Morningstar.

Once again, I did not bring my chain “full circle,” but that isn’t required.

Why not join the fun next month (January 7, 2023), when we’ll start with Beach Read by Emily Henry


22 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Separation: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

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  1. No need to bring it full circle, and these links are very interesting. Well done! I didn’t know that Hanff published anything besides her books about her connections to the Marks & Co book store in London!

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  2. I always enjoy your chains, Lisa. They are thought provoking and there are always books and/or authors that I have not heard of. I have actually read the first book, so will try to participate this month. I might not get it done until tomorrow though.


  3. I have never heard of All of the Stars in the Heavens, but now I’m terribly intrigued!

    I remember reading The Call of the Wild and it upset me as a child. I think the latest adaptation with Harrison Ford was done quite well!

    Blessings for the upcoming Festive Season!

    Elza Reads

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  4. So many good books; sometimes I just think about how many books are out there and it amazes me. I read the Snow Child; mystical/interesting book …

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