It Happened One Christmas Eve by Jenn McKinlay


My Interest

I was in the mood for a “put your brains under the seat and don’t ask too many questions” sort of Christmas book. [That quote, by the way, originated long ago with a Bond movie–The Spy Who Loved Me, iirc].

The Story

Heiress and museum director, Claire MacIntosh (fyi, I’ve never met a woman named Claire–nor Tess…most popular names in novels) plays Runaway Bride by seizing Santa’s “sleigh” and making a run for it when her society husband-to-be plans a cheesy Pinterest/Instagram-worthy proposal. Trey may have money and be an up-and-coming partner in her father’s environmental law firm, but he’s not at all what Claire dreams of. Her society mother Hildy pushes Trey at her like an exceptional hors d’oeuvres. Claire sees him as wheat grass. Happily, Santa’s sleigh has been hijacked by Sam, a well known investigative journalist.  Yep, you guessed it…..[No spoilers here].

My Verdict

This little book was just what I needed. I laughed, I “awed-d” and I just plain had a fun time listening to it.


It Happened One Christmas Eve by Jenn McKinlay

I don’t have the page total but it was only 3 hours and 22 minutes on audio

3 thoughts on “It Happened One Christmas Eve by Jenn McKinlay

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  1. I’ve never met anyone named Tess either, but we once had a little neighbor girl named Claire. She’s the only person I’ve known with that name. Sometimes I am dumbfounded by the names that authors give their characters.

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  2. Wonderful review, Lisa. I just borrowed the audiobook from my library after reading your review. A cute Christmas romance is what I have been enjoying while baking Christmas cookies.


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