Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2022 Wrap up

Historical Fiction

Oh dear! I signed up for this, did a lot of reading, but forgot to go back and post my reviews or hash-tag them. I am truly sorry Intrepid Reader! It is wonderful of you to host this year-long challenge. I’ve made sure to hash-tag this post! #histficreadingchallenge

I did my Mid-Year post here. Click the link, then scroll down to the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge icon.

I’m never sure if books written as contemporaries are “historical fiction”–no matter! If in doubt, I’ve included them above. I had some historical fiction DNFs, too this year, most notably The Call of the Wrens. I should have DNF-ed my least favorite, too, but didn’t since it was from NetGalley.

My Historical Fiction Reading July–December of 2022

Favorite New Books


  1. Last Summer on State Street
  2. The Netanyahus
  3. Our Last Days in Barcelona

Last Summer on State Street takes place in the 1999. Some may say that isn’t “historical.” It is. I lived through them–as an adult with a mortgage, a 401(k) and more. What’s more, an entire way of life ended that year in Chicago. Historical.ย  My reviews are linked.

Favorite Older Books

In spite of controversy I knew nothing about, I loved every minute of How Green Was My Valley. It’s hard to top that one, but the great Lady Browning–Daphne DuMaurier may have done so! (Nice nod here to Bloomsbury Girls-read it to know why).


My Least Favorite (not including DNFs)


Little Souls by Sandra Dallas (my review is linked)

My Favorite Book of the Year

Check back on Saturday when I announce my favorite books of the year for historical fiction, fiction, and non-fiction!

Did you participate in this Challenge? Leave me a link to your post. Or, if you did not, but have a post on your favorite historical fiction books this year–leave me that link. Or, a comment!

12 thoughts on “Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2022 Wrap up

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  1. You did very well with the challenge! I sometimes forget to link up reviews too – it can be difficult to remember. I don’t tend to include books written as contemporary, but I know other people do, so I don’t think it matters for this challenge.

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  2. What constitutes historical fiction is a good question. The definitions always seem so slippery. I did see one that said the author had to be writing about a period at least sixty years earlier but whether that’s true I have no idea.

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  3. Further to Bookertalk’s comment, I don’t call books historical fiction unless the SETTING is historical compared to the publication date. So, the Elizabeth Fair and D.E. Stevenson books were published as contemporary fiction, just a long time ago. I prefer to call them “vintage contemporary” fiction. Mind you, if the book was written 50 years ago about ancient Rome, then it would be “vintage historical”. See what I mean? But yes… your blog, your rule!


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