Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Spring 2023 To-Read List


I’m sorry these don’t show properly. I’m getting to grips with the new blog template. On top of that, WordPress is doing really strange stuff.

Two non-fiction books–one on the history of the Klan in the era most people know little about, Fever in the Heartland. The era that mirrors today. The Klan and Christian Nationalist–the Klan that ran the state of Indiana, among other places. I am a Christian and I am a patriotic American but I will never espouse Trump and De Santis and the like and their version of that. Never. It is not what my Grandfather and others fought to defend.

And, in the very same era (again like today), Young Bloomsbury, about sexual identity and expression among a group of writers and artists in London. Some say history goes in 100 year cycles. In college, years ago when Regan was President, I studied Paris and Berlin in the 1920s. The parallels to today are uncanny.

The fiction choices are all from authors I’ve enjoyed before. You can search for previous reviews at the top of the screen if you are on a laptop or pc. I’m redoing my blog at the moment so it’s a mess! If you can’t find a review you’d like to read, please leave me a comment and I’ll reply with the link.

Are any of these books on your TBR? Have you read an advance copy and reviewed them? Leave me a comment and/or a link to your own post.

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  1. I wonder if the hyperlink issue with WP will ever be fixed?! I found a workaround….instead of pasting my link into the box and clicking the arrow, I click on the setting icon next to the arrow and paste my link in the next box that opens. Seems to work! The other complaint I have about Jetpack is that when I’m going through my notifications and leave a comment, it exits me from Jetpack and I have to reopen the app every time. I wonder if it’s just me???

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    1. I haven’t been having a problem with links other than the frustration that to select the option to open the link in a new page, you have to first click on some icon to get the options list visible.

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  2. I enjoyed seeing your list. Like Susan, I’ll be interested in your opinion of Jeannette Walls book. I’ve read 3 of her books and really liked them.


    1. It should be good. A lot of my felllow Hoosiers don’t like acknowledging that the Klan ran Indiana. I’m in Ohio now, not sure what happened here but I imagine the presence was real. The head of the KKK was in Elwood, IN, when I was in high school about 40 miles away. Thank God I had educated parents who taught me they were fools.


  3. I am definitely interested in Fever in the Heartland, thanks for putting it on my radar, Lisa. I have not had any issues with links, but I don’t use the app, I use the program on my laptop. Enjoy all these books.

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