20 Books For Xmas Review #1: A Mackenzie Yuletide and Some Fun Christmas Book Challenges and Readathons!



Christmas stories, “between-the-numbers” novellas, Halloween or Hogmanay ghost stories–all are great features in series fiction. This little “Yuletide” novella features a titled Lady who rides astride–on an early motorcycle! A jewel thief, a ghost, a  host of brothers and cousins all living in one huge highlands castle and much, much, more.

My Interest

I found this book, like so many others, trolling through the available e-audio books on my library’s various e-book collections.

The Story

The various young Mackenzie cousins are hunting a supposed ghost in their midst. Meanwhile, their Uncle Ian has a great gift for his beloved wife this Hogmanay. Too bad a thief gets it first. But will Lady Violet ride herd on the thief in the snow of the highlands on her motorcycle? You betcha!

My Thoughts

I’d never heard of the series, and sadly, would likely have passed it up entirely if this book hadn’t been so short! Wow–what I would have missed! This is a loving family, loaded, living in a castle, and enjoying their lives–at least in this little go round. Even better, unless I missed it being distracted in traffic, the author got the titles right! If this series is entirely available on audio, I may just start at book one and give it a listen!

My Verdict


A Mackenzie Yuletide by Jennifer Ashley

Christmas Book Challenges and Readathons




Christmas looms! Halloween is in less than a week, so the stores are quickly turning red and green. Thanksgiving? You mean the day “Black Friday” starts? Yeah, whatever….Christmas, Baby!

Well, in my quest to read seasonally this year, that means I’ll be getting in a few Christmas books this year! If I’m going to read or listen to them why not look for a challenge or readathon to go along with them, right?

Some of the Christmas Books I May Enjoy This Year


I may read them all or I may pick totally different books!

#HoHoHoRAT HoHoHo Readathon Nov 18–30th


The #HoHoHoRAT is going to get us in the Christmas Spirit! In and around all the November -athons going (see this post: November–the busiest reading month) we can take a break and enjoy a nice little Christmas book! Hosted by The Caffeniated Reviewer, this readathon features a GRAND PRIZE! Challenge schedule and Grand Prize widget will post on Thursday November 18th at/by 8 am (EST). I have one nice, short Christmas book to start off with, already to go! Read the rules and sign up here.


20 Books For Christmas Reading Challenge: October 1–December 31, 2021


#20BooksForChristmas #teaandcakeforthesoul @teaandcakeforthesoul

Blogger Tea and Cake For the Soul hosts this 20 book challenge from (which I learned of VERY late!) from October through the end of the year. Read 10, 15, or 20 books. You can read all about it here.


Need Book Recommendations?

20 Boooks host blogger Tea and Cakes for the Soul has a a ton of great recommendations linked at the bottom of this post.

Cindy’s Book Corner has a bunch listed here.

Carla of Carla Loves to Read loves Holiday Books–check out her list.

Do you know of other Christmas or Holiday-themed readathons or reading challenges? Leave me a comment or a link to your own post. I can always update my list and re-post it to help get the word out.