Choose the Year Book Tag: 2010


I choose the year 2010 because that is the year Bookish Beck used and her post introduced me to this idea.

The Books



The Questions

1. Choose a year and say why. See the introduction to this post.

2. Which books published in that year have you read, or if none, heard of. See the collage above.

3. Are there any books published in that year that sound interesting and would you read them now? These are still on my TBR.

4. Most obscure sounding book? The Necromancer by Michael Scott –no clue!


5. Strangest book cover?  Feed by Mira Grant



How about you? Have you done this book tag? If not–chose a year and plug it into Goodreads here:  http://www.goodreads.com/book/popular_by_date/xxxx

You can read more about it at Reading In Bed.