Flashback Friday Review: My Nest Isn’t Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space


This review was published on my old blog on October 28, 2014. It is re-posted her with minor edits.

This little collection of essays came up in a search for a writing project I’m doing. I started listening and was soon hooked. Ordinary topics, presented in a fun manner, by a Mom and her grown daughter. What’s not to love? Lisa has dogs, cats, a character of a mother and a life as a published author. In short, I’ve found a new role model. (Miss you, Mother Mary).

I’m sad to say I’d never heard of their books before this little one, but I will be listening to more audio versions of their work, you can be sure. My Nest Isn’t Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella.

FYI The “writing project” I mentioned ended up, eventually,  being this post: When the Empty Nest Houses a Single Bird.


More From Lisa and Francesca:




This week I reviewed Lisa and Francesca’s newest collection of essays, I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere But the Pool. You can read my review here.




Listen to an excerpt here:


Cover Characteristics: Cars!



This week’s Cover Characteristic is CARS!

So, I cheated and included one bus. I’m like that. Plus, I enjoyed that book!

You can join this meme fun at  Sugar and Snark!

My Choices



These are about the only books I could think of with cars on the cover.


Mosquitoland            My Review

Rise of the Narcoleptic Turtles           My Review

Saving Charlotte              My Review

Sky Beneath My Feet          My Review


But my favorite car-cover book has to be Here Lies The Librarian!



Since today is the beginning of Flashback Friday–reviews from my old blog, here’s the review:


“Half the books in this library aren’t worth reading”….. says patron
“Read the other half….” says bored librarian.

Thank you, Richard Peck for the marvelous, marvelous Here Lies the Librarian!  A funny book, resonating with issues STILL facing libraries nearly 100 years after the books setting, and includes both Dad’s obscure Indiana birthplace and a character who not only has Mom’s obscure maiden name, but she almost has mom’s equally obscure first name! Great work from a great author! Nothing “young adult” about this–no vampires, or anything except totally believable characters and setting.





Flashback Friday: Blood and Beauty


I’m preparing to take down my old blog. My reviewing style on that blog was different. Back then I crammed all of my reviews into one monthly post. Yikes!  So, Flashback Friday is a new feature–a book review from way back! I chose the first title after seeing it in an “in progress” reading list on another book blog.

My Review

I LOVED Jeremy Irons in the tv series The Borgias, so when I saw this I hoped it would be good and it was! This is a vividly told page turner! The setting, the characters, the gamesmanship–all were exciting. The wily Rodrigo Borgia, aka Pope Alexander VI, and his family had  fascinating, if ruthless, lives! The notes at the end were very good as well–pointing out what was “legend” and what was documented “history.” I will definitely read more by this author.  4 Stars.

 Blood and Beauty: The Borgias : A Novel by Sarah Dunant.

From my old blog, July 21 2014.



My favorite scene from The Bogias! “Don’t Wake The Baby!”