Cross-Generational Romance in Real Life: Lady Kitty Spencer and Michael Lewis


Photo credit: Backgrid via The Daily Mail

Lady Kitty and Michael Lewis share a kiss after their wedding.

When I started this blog, I planned for this to be a recurring topic–whether cross generational romance in real life or in film or fiction. But, I got sidetracked a bit too often to still call it a “feature” or “recurring topic.” Happily. Lady Kitty Spencer’s dazzling wedding has brought it back to the fore on my blog–at least for today. Lady Kitty, cousin to Prince William and his brother, married a man 32 years her senior–he is older than her father, Earl Spencer, brother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Both Lady Kitty and her new husband, Michael Lewis, claim South Africa as home. Obviously, Lady Kitty. 30, is an English aristocrat, but she spent most of her childhood in South Africa with her mother, brother and two sisters. Lord Spencer made trips to South Africa to be with his children and they flew to the UK to be with him as well. Her education from elementary school through university was all in South Africa. She later studied art and art history in Florence. In fact her brother, Lord Althorp, is the first Spencer heir to not attend Eton in …well….one heck of a long time. He, too stayed in South Africa through secondary school.

Michael Lewis, 62, is a businessman dubbed a “fashion tycoon” as he owns numerous popular UK and South African fashion labels. He is beyond loaded–£80 loaded plus a nice, large swath of property in pricey London. Michael is said to have proposed with a £ 300,000 rose cut diamond ring. The couple married last weekend at Villa Aldo Brandini in Frascati, Italy, with Michael’s grown children in attendance, but sans Earl Spencer to give away the bride. Instead Kitty was escorted to the altar by her brother Louis, Viscount Althorp, and Samuel Aitken, her half-brother from her mother’s second marriage. None of her royal cousins are thought to have attended.


Photo: German Larkin

How amazing is this gown by Dolce & Gabbana? Bespoke, hand-painted gown! Lady Kitty is the face of Dolce & Gabbana and is one of the most elegant young woman around today. I loved all FIVE of her wedding day gowns, but do not want trouble over copyright, so I’m only showing this one. Gorgeous! A gown for a lady in every sense of that word. Kitty’s actual wedding gown, the dress worn for the vows exchanged at Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, channeled her mother’s gown worn when she wed the then Viscount Althorp. Prince William’s little brother was a page boy in that wedding. All five gowns showed off the exquisite style of Dolce & Gabbana and just how absolutely right Lady Kitty is for their creations.

This is Kitty’s honeymoon time and I wish her and Michael a lasting love match.


Photo credit: Theimagedirect.com via Eonline