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Preparing for Novellas in November: Some Suggested Titles For Each Week


Novellas in November (Cathy) or Novellas in November (Rebecca) has weekly themes schedule, if you enjoy that sort of thing. Each theme starts on Monday.

My Title Suggestions by Theme

2–8 November: Contemporary fiction (Cathy)

These are the shortest, newish, novels I’ve read–each under 200 pages.

My Very Favorite Novella? Click here and scroll to the second review.

9–15 November: Nonfiction novellas (Rebecca)

Night is in a class by itself.

16–22 November: Literature in translation (Cathy) My reviews: Left and Right

These are the shortest translated works I’ve read. Left, Center, Right

23–29 November: Short classics (Rebecca)

I’ve chosen three “classic-classics.” [I have read these, but too long ago for reviews]

And three contemporary classics. I do not have a link-able review to The Driver’s Seat but it is the source of one of my favorite quotes–“Not really a presence….The lack of an absence….”

Need More Suggestions?

Ten Books To Read in About One Sitting II

10 Books To Read in One Sitting

Book Reviews

Novellas in November? Nonfiction November? Both?

Two great reading events just in time for my long Thanksgiving to New Year’s break! I’m back in graduate school for one year doing a certificate for my job and it has taken up most of my reading time since late August. It will be a relief to be able read what I want. I already signed up for German Lit Month, but have gotten nowhere with that one. Maybe I can find a short novel in translation and get a “two for” out of it? I do that. It’s all just for fun.


Novellas in November (Cathy) or Novellas in November (Rebecca) is new-to-me, but sounds perfect for the fiction I will read in November. Here’s their weekly theme schedule, if you want to play along. The theme starts on Monday.

2–8 November: Contemporary fiction (Cathy)

9–15 November: Nonfiction novellas (Rebecca)

16–22 November: Literature in translation (Cathy)

23–29 November: Short classics (Rebecca)



Nonfiction November is perfect, too, for the stack of new nonfiction titles I’ve recently bought. Katie @ Doing Dewey, Julie @ Julz Reads, Leann @ Shelf Aware, and Rennie @ What’s NonFiction? are hosting this nonfiction reading challenge. (There is also a Goodreads Group with the same title,)

Here is their weekly theme schedule:

Week 1: (November 2-6) – Your Year in Nonfiction

The first week you may write a post about the nonfiction you’ve read so far this year.

My 2019 Year in Nonfiction post.

Week 2: (November 9-13) -Book Pairing (nonfiction to fiction)


2019 Pairings post.

Week 3: (November 16-20) –Be The Expert/Ask the Expert/Become the Expert

Not sure about this one? Here’s my post from last year to give you an idea.

Expert Recommendations of Royal Books

Week 4: (November 23-27) –New to My TBR

If you are new to the world of reading challenges, TBR just means your “To Be Read” list/pile/shelf.

2019 New to My TBR



Remember, November is also German Literature Month! My announcement post is here.


But wait! There’s more! It’s also Aus Reading Month! Post coming later this week!

Will you be joining in? Leave me a comment and tell me your plans!