Bibliophilic Excursions Subscription Boxes

A lot of people are discovering the fun of curated box subscriptions. Makeup, candles, snack, books–you can find a subscription box right now for anyone! One of the ones that piqued my interest was Bibliophilic Excursions–think homeschool unit studies for grown-ups, but without the lapbooks. I looked at the display of past boxes and really liked them. I saw many books I’d already read. I decided first to try out a past box for free–that is to read the books and maybe an add-on “extra” book purchase. Fun! I chose the box from Denmark with lots of hygge to it. Hygge was all the rage a few years ago. (On the Bibliophilic Excursions site they do not say when this box was offered). I figured I could drag out a few of my Mom’s annual Danish commemorative plates, print out a map and a picture of the Danish Royal Family–maybe look at Queen Margarethe’s Tolkien illustrations on-line and have some blue cheese and sour-creamed herring to give a little ambiance. Since it’s Christmas I could drag out the adorable sweaters from Denmark my brother and I wore, his kids wore, and my kids wore too. Plus I could enjoy the scrapbook pages of my kids wearing them on Christmas day! These boxes spark that kind of joy!

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week, I’ll be reviewing the two included books from my chosen box and my add-on book.

Coming up this week: The Book Reviews

The Signature Journey box offers both a novel and a nonfiction title, along with other things to enhance the reader’s virtual “journey.” This would be a fun way to tackle some countries on a “reading the world” journey. This box offered a blue and white nightlight. There was also a cute pair of socks for keeping warm ala hygge. I had The Hygge Holiday sitting unread on my Kindle so I made it my pretend “add-on purchase.” Add-on purchases are a big deal in subscription boxes and I didn’t want to miss out on that fun. This company also “gives back” to local communities. You can see examples of their giving here.

Image: https://www.biblioexcur.com/whats_inside 

First The Numbers

Currently, the yearly subscription to the Signature Journey Box is $45.00 per month.  There is a fiction-only version or a nonfiction-only version as well–both of which are slightly less per month. There are other boxes than these–Ladies At Lunch is a fun one and Mystery and Mixology, which includes the stuff to mix -up a classic cocktail, well except the booze–there are a host of laws on shipping booze to deal with,  to drink while you read and solve your mystery. [I would like to have been able to include pictures, but their photos are not set up to be shared even with due credit given.]

The Books Chosen for the Boxes

Whoever chooses the books seems to have a good eye. For Ghana, they’ve picked Maya Angelou’s classic All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes and Homecoming by Yaa Gyasi, which was an Amazon’s Editor’s pick. Other books shown in sample boxes include Behind the Beautiful Forevers and the God of Small Things (India). The Mystery box featured the Agatha Christie charmer, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, while Ladies At Lunch has had Miss Buncle’s Book and  Olive Kitteridge. Very decent selection all. Nonfiction selections include We Two about Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert.

My Thoughts on Bibliophilic Excursions

Judging by what’s shown on the website of past boxes, I’d say this would be a wonderful box to look forward to each month. Is there really value for money? No. Not if you are just counting up the prices of a few fun extras and the cost of a likely remaindered paperback. But someone put it all together, mailed it out in a hopefully attractive package, and it comes right to your door. You get to open it and discover the surprises. In the year of Covid, that’s a bright spot. And, since Covid seems to have been renewed for Season II, why not sign up and enjoy it? Plus, through your purchase, you are helping a worthy charity or two. Win-win.

Interested? You can reserve a 2020 Holiday Box now.

NOTE: Bibliographic Excursions has no clue I wrote this. I did not seek a sample box. Did not subscribe. I just thought it would be fun to try it and share the fun without my debit card needing to be involved.