A Day at the Pool


Poolside Reading for Grownups




Herman Koch is a master of plotting and pacing and writes¬† some of the funniest trains of thought ever written attributed to characters. (I’ve always thought some men think and operate just like Mark does in this book.). Part vacation novel, part marriage novel, part psychological thriller, and part who-done-it, this one has something for everyone. I listened to the audio and it was pitch-perfect. Summer House With Swimming Pool by Herman Koch.





Diving Pool: Three Novellas by Yoko Ogawa. Jun is a competitive diver for his high school. His foster sister realizes she is in lust with him and stays after school daily to watch him practice, loving the beauty of his body as it slides into the water. This lust cannot be consummated, so instead, she turns to a strange way of releasing the pent-up emotions. There are two other very short novellas (long short stories?) in this collection. The writing is very beautiful.




I can’t wait to read this one! I can’t offer a review since I haven’t read it, but here’s a link to the fabulous Elliott Bay Book’s review. They liken it to Unbroken which I can recommend without reservation. The Three-Year Swim Club by Julie Checkoway.

Poolside Reading for Kiddos




Who says orangutans don’t swim? See Suryia defy her specie’s stereotype and swim–sometimes with his doggie-pal, Roscoe. A nice, gentle book to encourage reluctant swimmers. Suryia Swims!




This award winning book might appropriately be subtitled: Introverts Go Swimming. 

Pool by Lee Jihyeon

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