Grown Up Series Transformed into Children’s Series

A while back I looked at a few new versions of Sherlock Holmes aimed at young adults or children. You can read that post here. Today, I’m looking at popular grown-up book series that have a children’s series to accompany them.

 All Creatures Great and Small

One of my nearly life-long favorites–both in books and on t.v.–is verterinarian James Herriot’s wonderful All Creatures Great and Small series on his life in the Yorkshire Dales in the 1930s and 1940s. The children’s versions include one his best–Oscar, Cat About Town, and so many others. The one volume children’s book has all the stories with their beautiful illustrations. The children’s one-volume is out-of-print, but widely available used as are each of the stories in individual volumes. Like another post here, I hope this blog post will encourage the publisher to bring them back into print for a new generation. They are simply too wonderful to miss.  James Herriot’s Treasury for Children and All Creatures Great and Small (book one) (Note: Like many series, these have had new covers applied from time-to-time, so don’t worry if the covers don’t match what I’ve shown above. I’ve given the American Titles as well. The British titles are different.)

No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

I LOVE the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series! The spirit and tone of them is so gentle and sweet and the musical voices of Botswana, the “feel” of that part of Africa, are so richly reproduced in these books. That’s why I’m glad that Alexander McCall Smith now has a children’s version of the series out.  Legendary Private Dectective Precious Ramotswe is shown solving child-appropriate mysteries back when she was a child on her father’s cattle farm. Wonderful books. The No. 1 Ladies Detective series and the Precious Ramotwe Mysteries for Young Readers Series.

Jan Karon’s Mitford Series

Mitford is an all-time favorite series of mine. Who wouldn’t want Father Tim for Pastor? Lucky Cynthia Coppersmith even got to marry him. No surprise he’s a near-perfect husband! Cynthia is a children’s book illustrator whose stories of her cat, Violet, are best-sellers. Jan Karon, her self a best-selling author, sat down and wrote the stories and published them for the children and grandchildren of Mitford fans. Violet Comes to Stay and Violet Goes to the Country are both modeled on the children’s stories in the grown-up books. Fun! Both are now out-of-print but there are loads of used copies and library copies around to enjoy. Who knows? Maybe this blog post will help bring them back into print? Jan Karon is a very prolific author of both grown-up and children’s fiction.

The Left Behind Series

Back in the 1990’s these books made news! I read most, but found it annoying that they used large type and big margins to make this into far too many volumes for my taste. Obviously the story was compelling enough that I read many of them though. This series had a co-series just for kids. But many parents I knew felt they were too upsetting for kids. Whatever your take may be on this series, it is still popular today.  Left Behind and Left Behind: The Kids

Young Person’s Versions

I’m glad to see this idea coming back. In the 1960s there were young person’s versions of several excellent books. One such was Rachel Carson’s The Sea Around Us.

I did not realize that the young person’s version of this title is becoming very scarce. I gave it away! Hope the homeschooling family who received it appreciates what they have.

Here are two best-sellers that have been recently re-issued in slightly adapted young reader’s editions Boys in the Boat and I am Malala


On Monday I’ll be introducing a new children’s book from one of the world’s best-selling authors!!



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