A few memories for World Read Aloud Day

WRAD 2018

#WordlReadAloudDay caught my eye on Twitter yesterday. It made me think of a few of our favorite read-alouds. I’m a bit nostalgic for reading aloud. My kids are in their twenties and, happily, there are no signs yet of grandchildren. I say “happily” because I don’t want them to rush into parenthood! Anyway, here is our a few of our favorites. It always amazes me what kids love!




This was a nightly read! The Rhyme Bible is so fun. Even if you only want your kids to have a nodding acquaintence with the greatest book of the Western Cannon, it’s fun. We especially loved Jonah’s story which I read as a rap. My son loved anything that rhymed and went on to write rap lyrics!  We had a few other Christian books that were beloved—Mary and Martha’s House, Little Pilgrim’s Progress and, naturally, a rhyming David and Goliath book with the added thrill of pop-ups!





This book still makes my kids and I laugh. “You no touch!” is a catch phrase in our family–said, of course, in a phony Italian accent as Grandmother would have. Love, love, love this book. I think of it every time I make pizza. How Pizza Came to Queens.







This book is such a hoot!! We loved it! We’d all make motorcycle noises and immitate the poor animals foo bops on the head. Such fun memories! Even today, the phrase, “I”ll give you three chances…” gets a laugh.  Little Rabbit Foo-Foo.







Seriously folks, this is a fun, fun book! Just buy it and read it to your kids! Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.



We read hundreds and hundreds of books out loud. This week, I’ve been thrilled to see my reader (one IS a reader, the other is not) devouring books again.  What fun read-alouds did your family enjoy?

6 thoughts on “A few memories for World Read Aloud Day

  1. Reading aloud to a receptive child (or a receptive anyone actually) is one of my very favorite things!!!! I would do it every day if I could; it was one of my favorite parts of the schoolday when I taught. So glad your reader is reading now!

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