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Happy Birthday to author Buchi Emecheta and a book list




Ms Buchi Emecheta is a favorite of mine–I devoured her books when I returned home from my Peace Corps service (Malawi) in 1991. Ms Emecheta was born July 21, 1944, so to celebrate her birthday I’m listing may many favorites among her books. Her books deal with African womanhood, both at home and abroad. The expatriate experience was fascinating to me in 1991. I’d also just spent two years with some of the best educated women in Malawi–research scientists in agriculture, so I found her topics of women’s empowerment vs the pull of tradition to be very meaningful.



source unknown


Here then are my favorite– listed in no particular order, though, I would say The Bride Price is my favorite.




The Joys of Motherhood






bride price



The Bride Price









In the Ditch









Head Above Water

This is Buchi’s autobiography.









Second Class Citizen







Double Yoke






I’ve read elsewhere, and completely agree, that author Zadie Smith,  writes in ways very like hers. I enjoy both authors.

If you’ve been trying to Read the World, or to find a book or two from a country new to you, or just enjoy good books about strong women, then I urge you to give at least one of her books a try.


Happy Birthday, Ms Emecheta!



Buchi Emecheta

Portrait by Marina Elphick @

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