A Handmade Christmas: Crochet

I don’t like early Christmas posts, but some of these projects take longer than others. I want people who like an idea shown here to be able to use it this Christmas. But, I promise, no one singing “Santa Baby…” I also promise nothing like those horrible slippers Great-Aunt Whoever used to make. The handmade gift suggestions I will be presenting over the next few Fridays, should be well-received.




For Kids

Keep Warm the Fun Way!

Pizza Slice (bag) blanket or Mermaid (bag) blanket.

Patterns are FREE!

Mermaid tails are hot this Christmas!

There are many other versions if this one is too-something for you.

Lego Fanatic?


Free Lego Blanket Pattern


Horse Lovey Pattern to buy and download

There are all sorts of FREE Lovey patterns on Pinterest, too, but I just love horses!


Girl’s Cowl Pattern to buy and download

I can’t even….so dang cute!

Play Time


Turtles with Ninja Weapons and Pizza!

I have 3 great-nephews and a grown nephew-Daddy who LOVED all thing TMNT!

Free Pattern

Kitchen Tools–buy pattern

List of Crochet Play Food Patterns

Fun and no tacky plastic!

For Grown Ups



Normal looking cap a guy might actually wear.

Free Pattern


Woman’s One Hour Cowl free pattern

There are hundreds of patterns for these and regular scarves on Pinterest. You can find them in any style, any weight. Fancy or simple.


LOVE the colors! Tunics are really hot right now!

 Free Poncho pattern


Fun House Slippers Pattern

Who wouldn’t like these? Do your team’s colors, your faves or a wild tie-die-ish mishmash for a boho look!


Make in your team’s colors, of course!

These are Cheese-Head colors, of course!

Ear Flap Hat Pattern


This link has patterns for several types of purses and bags.20 some!

Pinterst has hundreds more of all styles.


Free Pattern

Don’t forget Blankets and Afghans and Throws and Laprobes!

Thousands of Patterns on Pinterest!

Who doesn’t love a snuggly blanket to read under or curl up under and binge-watch!

Feel free to leave a comment or link with your own ideas!

Are you doning any handmade gifts this year?

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