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Kindness Calendars for Christmas Time


Money Saving Mom, a blogger who really does a lot to make family life easier and happier, posted Wonder Mom Wannabe’s  post about  Coffee Cups and Crayons SUPER Random Acts of Kindness Calendar recently. I love this idea so much. You can download the actual calendar HERE for use starting tomorrow.

Years ago, before Mommy Blogging was a thing, I stumbled upon an idea like this in a woman’s magazine. I decided to do it just a little differently since my kiddos weren’t really into being told what to do! (And we were broke!) So we all made what I called Kindness Calendars (see below) and we made a mark of some kind to indicate catching each other being kind.

At dinner, when I asked our customary dinner question, “What was one good thing that happened today,” there were suddenly at least two answers. Something good at school or on the bus and something KIND at home. It made a nice holiday season even when the kindness was not really in the spirit, such as “I tried to be kind to [sibling] by telling him/her to pick up their_____” or similar. Normally, though, it was the right sort and that was a good thing for a M om to hear after a long day.



This year I’m doing a version of this on my own. I’m not saying more! Tomorrow, though, I’ll be talking about Advent Calendars of another kind–the ones we used in my childhood and the ones my great-niece’s and great-nephews’ generation are enjoying today. Friday I’ll have my selections, just a tiny bit late (sorry) for an advent calendar of books.

Have you done some version of a Kindness Calendar? Leave me your version in a comment or a link to your own post.

2 thoughts on “Kindness Calendars for Christmas Time

  1. What a neat idea! And I just love that you still have yours from years ago. This strikes me as a difficult — yet really good — project to try with teenagers …


    1. With teenagers ask them for their ideas. I’ve been pleasantly surprised even in my kids “worst eras” at the causes that inspired them. Even going out to eat when its a fundraiser would count to me. Ask S & I for suggestions and maybe pull together one for vacation week. I’m sure C has new perspectives to add as well. Ask hubby if his work is doing anything for charity. A week is a great start.


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