Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Meant to Read in 2016


Every year there are great-sounding books that just slip thru the cracks. No time. Not available at the library. Arrives at the library at the same time as too many others. Whatever. Here are a few of the titles I meant to read in 2016.

Short Stories



Since before there were Reading Challenges, I’ve tried to make myself read a wide variety of materials. Short stories are my nemisis. To me they’re either too long or too short. I prefer regular book length stories, aka novels. This is my next short story collection–whenever I get to it. A Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories by Lucia Berlin.









I’ve loved the other two books by Backman that I’ve read so I really intended to get to this one as well in 2016.

My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman.









I actually had this in my hands, but didn’t get to listen to it in time–there are other people waiting on it. So, I slipped it in the book drop this morning. I request it again. I loved The Snow Child  [you can read my review here] so was very anxious to get to this one. I misread the due date or I’d have listened to it first thing.

To The Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey









This one I’m very excited about. I really want to make time for it. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles.










I’ve read so much on the Royal Family that the new show the Crown was disappointing. I’m holding my breath on the new Victoria which is why I put off reading this.

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin.







I’m not much for Christian novels, unless they are written by Jody Hedlund or Lynn Austin. This year Jody Hedlund released a novel about the author or the hymn “Amazing Grace.” I so want to read it as well as another of hers that I’ve not gotten to about Martin Luther–Luther and Katrina.





It’s too important to be informed. The international refugee crisis–that in Europe and elsewhere is screaming for our attention. I will be reading this one in 2017.

Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis.









I had this and started it, but I was too slow and there were people waiting. I’d like to get this in audio.

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond.







Then there is the stack of books I bought in 2016 and haven’t even opened……..



See all of this week’s great Top Ten Tuesday lists at the Broke and the Bookish.






8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Meant to Read in 2016

  1. Great list. I want to get to the My Grandmother book too.
    I read a couple of great short story collections in 2016 and just a few days ago, I read JoJo Moyes’ new release entitled Paris For One which had one long, short story (more like a novella) followed by several shorter stories.

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  2. I want to get to the Lucia Berlin book as well – I read the first story and it had to go back to the library. You also reminded me of a Gentleman in Moscow which missed my list. I know there is a group read of Evicted on Library Thing right now, but I’ve got enough serious books on my nightstand already.

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  3. At least you misread the due date but got it back in time! Happy reading, good plans. I think I read everything I wanted to in 2016, but I spent too much time on challenges and not enough re-reading!

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  4. I am a librarian and normally MISS the deadline, lol… I do try to keep up, though, with the brand new books–fair is fair. I only do challenges after-the-fact. I match up what I’ve read with the challenges–I don’t plan to read to meet those lists. I re-read some, but not as much as I used to for some reason. Thanks for stopping by.


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