Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Friend Groups



Favorite Friend Groups–here’s what the announcement says: “… let’s discuss our favorite ensemble friend groups!” Ok, then! Here are my picks:




Circle of Friends may have been my introduction to Maeve Binchy–I can’t remember now. I read not long after it came out–I was about 30 so I could still feel a bond with the 20-something friends Benny and Jack and Eve and the others. I even loved the movie–rare for me.




College for women was still more of a great privilidge than a rite of passage in 1933, the year these ladies graduated from Vasser. This book shocked in its day, but still holds up well. The idea of a young woman obtaining an illegal (or newly legal–I can’t remember which) birth control device to enjoy life to the fullest–well, that was immoral! The book held my attention completely even though I was over 40 when I first read it. The Group is a classic of friends’ literature.




Class Reunion is one of the first “adult” (as in grown-up) novels my Mom and shared that was a new best-seller at the time. I devoured it. I loved it all. This was the first time I’d encountered gay characters who weren’t merely femininized men, but real men living (yes, and hiding) their sexuality. Alexander’s room left me fascinated more than shocked. I was blessed to have parents who answered ANYY question honestly on subjects such as this, so I felt a lot for Alexander. I still love this book! There is a sequel, After The Reunion, which was fun as well.




The Brotherhood of War series by W.E.B. Griffith. Wow! This series is a blast. I happened to love military men, so when I found this series in my twenties, I hung on for dear life. I admit I lost interest after the original series–the author went on and on with new characters, Marines, police, etc. But I still LOVE Craig Lowell who reminded me of one of my college boyfriends. What can you say about a guy who is that rich and that manly and gets to do what he loves–be a soldier! The rest of the guys also great. Don’t expect much in the way of women though. The author actually changed one “gal’s” name mid-book! It’s that kind of series. I love it though.


All my series favorites


I couldn’t decide which of these groups of friends I like more. So, I’ll just put them all!


Ok,  ok, I’ll include them–as a Bonus




I haven’t read the last few books, but I still ADORE Harry, Hermoine, Ron and all the others.  Harry Potter series.


You can do your own Top 5 Wednesday post or video! Just join the group on Goodreads to get the topics, then post your link to the group. It’s fun.

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Friend Groups

  1. Out of these, I’ve only read the Harry Potter series, but I love stories with close knit friend groups. Some personal favourites are The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Anne of Green Gables.

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