Six Degrees of Separation: Vanity Fair

This month’s Six Degrees starting book is Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery. I first read “selected excerpts” from it in an anthology in my high school British Literature class. I finally read the book in its entirety in the Peace Corps in 1990 and loved it. All of my books today center on women with messy lives like Becky Sharpe


Anna Karenina is another amazing woman with a messy life! After Gone With the Wind, it is also my “next favorite” big novel.


The original brought to mind this marvelous modern retelling: What Happened to Anna K–the messy life of a rich younger wife of an older man.


How much messier can a life get? How about a husband and lovers in two different centuries? I haven’t read the others–too much icky sex for me, but you have to give it to Clare–that’s one heck of a messy life! Outlander.


Princess Margaret may have been royal, but she had a true mess of a life at times!99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret.


Sweet, smiling Ma on tv’s Little House on the Prairie made 70’s mothers cringe at their own sharp tongues and short tempers! But maybe Ma was only “keeping sweet??” Ma had a pretty messy life with that rascal Charles Ingalls. Caroline: Little House Revisited.


First Ladies have to be pictuer perfect even when their lives are messy. Lady Reporters must be on top of their game even when their lives are messy. When the two women get close the facade of their lives could not crack no matter the hurrican level mess of their lives.  Loving Eleanor.

Do you like compiling lists like this? Why not join in the next month when the starting book with be Dickens’ Christmas Carol? You can read more about Six Degrees of Separation here. Thanks to Books Are My Favorite and Best for hosting this fun monthly event.

17 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Separation: Vanity Fair

  1. To of your books are on my TBR list – Princess Margaret and Loving Eleanor (which I added after reading Amy Bloom’s White Houses earlier this year).


  2. I have not yet read Vanity Fair or most of the books on your list, but I did really like Anna Karenina. I have heard such marvelous things about What Happened to Anna K. Loving Eleanor is one I am definitely interested in reading one of these days. I like your take on the meme! I hope you have a great weekend!

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  3. Lovely chain! The only one I’ve read is Outlander (which I’ve read twice and not continued the series – I keep meaning to). However, I’ve heard good things about several others. Again, the covers are great – I’ve noticed that about most of the chains I’ve seen today. Or maybe I’m just in the mood to ‘cover-gaze’ – ha!

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  4. I think the only title I’ve read is Anna Karenina, although the modern retelling sounds intriguing, as does Caroline, about the mother fro Little House on the Prairie (which makes me want to read the books again afterwards to compare the two stories).


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