Preparing for Novellas in November: Some Suggested Titles For Each Week


Novellas in November (Cathy) or Novellas in November (Rebecca) has weekly themes schedule, if you enjoy that sort of thing. Each theme starts on Monday.

My Title Suggestions by Theme

2–8 November: Contemporary fiction (Cathy)

These are the shortest, newish, novels I’ve read–each under 200 pages.

My Very Favorite Novella? Click here and scroll to the second review.

9–15 November: Nonfiction novellas (Rebecca)

Night is in a class by itself.

16–22 November: Literature in translation (Cathy) My reviews: Left and Right

These are the shortest translated works I’ve read. Left, Center, Right

23–29 November: Short classics (Rebecca)

I’ve chosen three “classic-classics.” [I have read these, but too long ago for reviews]

And three contemporary classics. I do not have a link-able review to The Driver’s Seat but it is the source of one of my favorite quotes–“Not really a presence….The lack of an absence….”

Need More Suggestions?

Ten Books To Read in About One Sitting II

10 Books To Read in One Sitting

10 thoughts on “Preparing for Novellas in November: Some Suggested Titles For Each Week

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  1. Great list! I’ve read Redhead! Fredrik Backman’s two novellas might fit in the translation category (Deal of a Lifetime and Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer)

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  2. The Awakening was on the syllabus for an Open University course I did about the nineteenth century novel, I found it fascinating how attitudes to the book have changed over the centuries – Chopin was castigated at the time it was published but now its almost a canonical work.

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    1. I read it in my first semester of college. We had to take either the idiotic one semester basic composition class or two semesters of Literature and Writing–there were themes to chose from. I had “Self Discovery” and it was one of the one in that course. Anything homosexual or lesbian was extremely controversial in 1980 outside of Greenwich Village so it was interesting to read it and write about it.


  3. I read Night last year, what a powerful story. I want to read A Christmas Carol and have read several cozy mystery novellas. If I have time, I will try to read on of Fredrick Backman’s novellas.


      1. That is awesome, I did not know that. I actually bought two different audiobooks, one narrated by Tim Curry and one by Tom Baker. I think I will listen to the Tim Curry one this week.


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