Review: Yours Cheerfully: A Novel by AJ Pearce


My Interest

I enjoyed the first Emmy Lake book, Dear Mrs. Bird, very much. [Link is to my review]. I enjoy historical fiction when it is accurate and I always find non-female spy stories set in WWII interesting. [Sorry, I just totally lost interest in female spies! Blame it on COVID.]

The Story

Our heroine, Emmeline “Emmy” Lake is still at Women’s Friend magazine–though that was dicey for a bit, is still working in the London emergency Fire Service taking calls and directing crews when the Blitz hits. She’s engaged to be married to her boss’s much younger half-brother and this time she’s involved with women war workers.

In true Emmy fashion, somethings must go wrong for others to go right! But as always, she’s there to do the work of the good and support those doing their “bit” for King and Country in what would become known as World War II. Faithful friend Bunty is joined by new friend Anne and her children, Ruby and Tony, as Emmy befriends them on a train and Anne and her co-workers at a munitions factory become the focus of a career-boosting series of articles authored by Emmy.

My Thoughts

I have needed a lot of “feel-good” books for a while now. This one was exactly that. Emmy takes on a big problem in this one–day care for the children of war workers, but does so in a nice way that doesn’t make the story depressing. Enough research has been done that it seems the story is accurately told which makes me like it more. Since even I, with my esoteric interests, am not up on war time nursery policy in the U.K. under Churchill, I’ll take the author’s word for it. Her representation of the bureaucracy involved is very believable.

I loved the way the women pulled together to help each other! I also liked, too, that things weren’t magically “fixed.” Even today, women are still fighting for some of the same things for which Emmy helped Ann and Irene and the others fight. Still today, bosses (not always male) make it just as hard for working mothers. [And some bosses expect single workers to “cover” for working mothers–neither situation was fair in WWII nor is it right today].

What held me back from a 4.0 rating was Emmy herself, especially with Charles. The relationship just has no chemistry to me. Something was lacking there. Nonetheless, I am a big fan of this series and look forward to the next book. I listened to the audio book version.

My Verdict


Yours Cheerfully: A Novel by AJ Peace


8 thoughts on “Review: Yours Cheerfully: A Novel by AJ Pearce

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  1. Nice! I really enjoyed it, and I thought seeing the issues around childcare was such an eye-opening way to depict the wartime struggles of the characters — definitely not something I’ve seen written about in WWII fiction before. I didn’t know there was going to be a 3rd book! I’ll definitely read it.


  2. This is a great review and I liked reading it. However, I’ve been trying to avoid books that have anything to do with WWII. I have read so many of them and needed a break from the atrocities of war.

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