A DNF–Chestnut Man by Søren Sveistrup, translated by Caroline Waight

First, thank you to AnnaBookBel for taking the time to create the wonderful Nordic Finds reading challenge–now in it’s second year. I love to try books from other countries, translated from other languages, and challenges like this provide ready access to often easily available books that are favorably reviewed.

Let me be clear about Chestnut Man this is not a book I dnf-ed because it is “bad.” The writing is very good. I was invested in a few characters. Nordic Noir is a genre that interested me, but I know my limits. I quit Anne Perry’s William Monk series–which I loved and nearly, yes nearly, threw back the newest Chief Inspector Gamache book for the same reason I DNF-ed Chestnut Man: an underground room in which unspeakable things were done to the most vulnerable. When I reached those few lines in the audio book I had to pull off the road. It was too much for me. I couldn’t take it. I feel things too much. Had that part not been in there I’m sure I’d have finished.

I am not condemning, nor am I asking for labels or censorship. My heart and soul, my mind, just cannot deal with that topic. I will try again with a different book.

The Chestnut Man: A Novel by Soren Sveistrup, translated by Caroline Waight

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