Top Five Wednesday: Inaccurate Book Covers



This cover made me think it was a cheesy romance set in the “old West.” Instead it is the incredibly moving story of Pilgrim’s Progress author John Bunyan and his eventual second wife! But 1650’s English Puritans have SO MUCH in common with the Wild, Wild West, right? NOT! Epic cover fail! And, while we’re at it–the title isn’t any good, either. That’s not the author’s fault though–that’s the marketing folks. The legions of women who have love Pilgrim’s Progress would love this book but they may never find it due to it’s awful packaging. Jody Hedlund is an AMAZING author! Her books should not be treated like this! The Preacher’s Bride.


Was this Smart-Alec pose copped in a junior high school bathroom mirror? What, no duck face? Who would want to read about this girl? Even the duck-faces in the bathroom mirror would pass. But $o.99 for the ENTIRE SERIES would enable me to overlook a  lot. If you haven’t read the Anne books by then grab this great deal before the new movie comes out and all the book covers go to tie-in’s (President Bartlet–Martin Sheen–as Matthew Cuthbert?? That may need it’s own post! Certainly movie tie-in covers do!). Anne of Green Gables on sale for $0.99 for kindle.


Louisa May Alcott with Kate Middleton-worthy Chelsea blow-dried hair? Pass the argon oil! Face-Palm! Don’t let the crappy cover fool you, The Invincible Louisa is an outstanding biography of the author for middle grades an up.


Move tie-in covers are often lousy. This one is no exception. Nothing about this movie worked for me. Lula’s body was barely in plus sizes, Morelli was an idiot, Ranger wasn’t hot and Grandma Mazer was not even recognizable. So, naturally I hated this book cover, even though I LOVE the series.  One for the Money



I wasn’t a Nancy Drew reader as a kid, but my daughter was. She HATED the new ones. I call them the Dumbed-Down-Drews. This is typical. No thanks. Looks dreadful and inspires nothing but a yawn.

Do you have a cover your love to loathe? Leave me a link, a photo, or a comment!

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Nancy Drew Charm Bracelet by Lisa Wiktorek see more details here.

3 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday: Inaccurate Book Covers

  1. ha — enjoyed this! It always cracks me up to see a cover that so clearly misses the spirit or even the basic idea of a book. But it’s important too, because often we do judge books by their covers (I am guilty). You found some great examples … ugh on the new Nancy Drew!

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