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What Caught My Eye: Spring and Gingham


Note: All photos are properly credited at the bottom of this post.

Gingham is such a wonderful way to inject color into life! And Spring and gingham go together perfectly to me!

Fashion Icons Love Gingham

Gingham is on Trend for Spring and Summer 2017

Stylish Guys Love Gingham

Gingham is Great at Home

It’s Spring! Go forth and Gingham!



The Blogger's Pit Stop




Photo Credits:

Gingham Shirts

Di standing Gingham

Di other Gingham

Di Gingham Pants

Jackie in Gingham

Kate in Gingham Shirt

Kate Blazer & Gingham

Kate Red Gingham Dress

Grace & Stephanie in Gingham

Michele Obama In Gingham

Amal in Gingham

White Skirt/Black Gingham Top

Red/White Gingham Swim Suit

Black/White Gingham Dress

  1. Crew Gingham off-the-shoulder suit
  2. Crew Gingham Sneakers

Modcloth Gingham Sheath Dress

American Eagle Gingham Romper

Anthropologie Long Sleeve

Anthropology Gingham Top 2

William in Gingham Shirt

Mick in Gingham

President Obama in Gingham

William and George

Harry in Gingham  

 George in Gingham

Blue Gingham Napkins

Blue Willow and Blue Gingham Tablecloth

Pink Gingham Pitcher

Vintage Rose Gingham

Blue Gingham Pillow

Gingham Tags

Gingham Couch

Monogrammed Napkins

Gingham Bowls

Gingham Wicker Cushions

Gingham Bedroom

Gingham Chair

Gingham Table Runner

Gingham Chair 2 With Yellow

Gingham Chair  3

Gingham Dining Room Chairs

Gingham Slipcovered Chair

Yellow Gingham Curtains

Gingham Flatware

Gingham Cake

Gingham Tote

Gingham With Floral

Vivid Blue Gingham Chairs

Black Gingham Curtains

Gingham Bunks

Blue Gingham Couch

Gingham Entry Stools


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