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Top Ten Tuesday: Winter TBR


I’m looking forward to getting through more print books than normal this winter. My reading has largely become audiobooks over the last decade due to my long daily commute to work. That isn’t ending, I’m just prioritizing reading some of the books I haven’t been able to find in audio through my library or the state’s excellent regional libraries. I’m also going to make myself read at least one of the many impulse buys residing unopened on my Kindle (though I actually read them on the Kindle app for Android) and at least one more Persephone book. Below are the rest of them. Math has never been my best subject, so this week I’ve posted more than ten.

My Most Anticipated Book–Fiction


Any Churchill or Roosevelt book–fiction or non-fiction, hits my radar (there’s one in the list below, too). This one will be either great or awful. I’ve read most everything out there on the family and I admire Clementine’s determination. But I’m annoyed by things in historical fiction that aren’t true to the time or to my version of the person–in this case, “my Clementine.” The title of the book being “Lady Clementine,” is a little off-putting. I’m a title freak–as in getting titles of the peerage correct and at no time ever was Clementine “Lady Clementine.” (Read more about this sort of thing here.) She ended her life as Lady Churchill.  We shall see.  I threw back That Churchill Woman for this reason. I may give it a second chance this year, though.


My Most Anticipated Books–Nonfiction

Social history is a passion of mine, so I will likely buy this one The Season: A Social History of the Debutante. I will definitely by Lady in Waiting–memoirs of a real debutant and friend of Princess Margaret, Anne, Lady Glenconner when it hits American shelves in March.


Two from this year that I had trouble with, but will try again:

I am possibly the only person alive who did not find Tom Hank’s reading to be exciting or enticing, so I’m trying Dutch House again but in print. I had just read Book Woman of Troublesome Creek when The Giver of Stars came out amid a plagiarism controversy. JoJo Moyes is a “must-read” for me, so I was shocked. I’m going to try the book now that a few months have gone by but in audio.

The Rest of the List

Older Books


New Books


Reading Challenges for 2020

I read what I want and match it all up later, but I do love reading challenges. Modern Mrs. Darcy has a good, do-able challenge set up for 2020. I was a little worried about “Three books by the same author,” but both Ann Patchett and Stephanie Marie Thornton appear twice in this list, so it may be possible. “Book by a Local Author” will take some research and may have to be within 100 miles of where I live, but I’ll find something. “A re-read,” hmmmm. When I re-read my few favorites annually, I do not really “read” them cover-to-cover, I just revisit favorite scenes. I also said at my age I was done re-reading. I might have to think on that one a while.



Check out the rules at That Artsy Reader Girl and join in next week!

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Winter TBR

      1. Give it a chance. I know how it feels to be disappointed by a biographical, historical fiction novel. I read one about Eliza Hamilton and was pissed that it ended just after Alexander died. She lived 50 years after that, and nothing? She was very accomplished and THAT’s the novel about her I want to read.


  1. So many great book! I’ll look forward to your thoughts on the Jojo Moyes book — I’ve been holding off for the same reason. Lady in Waiting sounds like something I’d really enjoy.I didn’t know there was a new Anne Tyler — must check it out! Enjoy your winter reads!

    My TTT

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  2. I loved Bel Canto – it’s the first Ann Patchett book I read! I see a few more here that I would like to read – Recipe for a Perfect Wife and the new Anne Tyler book (can’t resist those).


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