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1936 Club Review: Murder in Mesopotamia by Agatha Christie

My Interest

THE book of 1936 was Gone With the Wind. I’ve read it too many times to count and could probably write a dissertation on both the book and the film. I am one semester from finishing a graduate certificate program so reading time is not plentiful right now. Therefore I picked the easiest read from my list.  (You can read my choices here, if interested.) If I can get a second book done–that’s great. But, for now, dear Agatha has come to the rescue with a nice, short murder story.

The Story

Hercule Poirot (whom I used to just call Hercules Parrott while reading) just happens to be near Bagdad when the murder occurs. Amy Leatheram, a nurse, is newly out in Baghdad to look after the very tedious-sounding wife of an archeologist. The wife, Louise, just maybe the sort to send herself those threatening letters to get attention–she’s a real Drama Llama. Her husband adores her. No one else likes her much. When Louise is found dead the other guests are questioned. No murder weapon is found and only a single drop of blood. Happlily, this is the sort of thing dear Poirot loves. He does not disappoint.

My Thoughts

Louise seemed a very timely character. I could just picture her on Oprah next to her henpecked husband spinning “her truth” that reflects no one else’s view! She was the proverbial “piece of work.” I liked Amy, the nurse, and found her telling for the story to be a nice addition to a very normal Agatha Christie story.

It was interesting that although this book came out after Murder on the Orient Express, it is mentioned that Poirot goes home on that train and encounters another murder. That was fun.

The book does reflect the times in the comments on the Iraqi people and various minority groups.

Murder in Mesopotamia by Agatha Christie

Thank you to Stuck in a Book for hosting The 1936 Club–a fun way to read books from other eras. By club week, April 12-18, 2021, participants are to have read one book published in 1936.

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