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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Wishes


This week’s topic, Bookish Wishes, involves giving a list of the 10 books you most want to own. For me, that is always a tough one. I am a librarian and a fanatical library user. But, I buy books on the subjects of my home library collection. That little library is mostly on the British royal family (with exceptions), the aristocracy or great families in countries without titles–mostly the Churchills and Roosevelts, but there are others, social history relating to the Edwardian and between the wars periods, books about great houses or estates, collections of letters, diaries, and other things along those lines. Here are 10 of my current “wants”–though not necessarily the 10 “most wanted.” Those out-of-print can require patience to find a decent copy at a reasonable price. I cannot afford to collect first editions. Mine are mostly ex-library copies.


Prince Philip’s Century 1921–2021 by Robert Jobson


Princess Mary: The First Modern Princess by Elizabeth Basford


Noble Ambitions: The Fall and Rise of the English Country House After World War II by Adrian Tinniswood


Churchill and Eden: Partners Through War and Peace by David Charlwood


In Tearing Haste: Letters Between Deborah Devonshire and Patrick Leigh Fermor


Former People: The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy by Douglas Smith


The Duff Cooper Diaries edited by John Julius Norwich


Snowdon: A Life in View


The Court of Mrs. Astor in Gilded Age New York by Greg King


English Journeys, Some Country Houses and Their Owners by James Lees-Milne

And, just for fun…

My Most Recent Acquisition


The Letters of Ann Fleming (Mrs. Ian “James Bond” Fleming)

Why not join the fun next week? You can read the rules here.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Wishes

  1. These all look like interesting reads especially if you are “into” the Royals. I don’t know or read much about them but, when I do, I enjoy them.


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