6 Degrees of Separation: The Slap


I was soooooo excited to see this month’s 6 Degrees book was The Slap. It arrived in the mail yesterday! Part of me wants to speed thru it this weekend and do this post differently. The other part says, no, wait and enjoy it. I’m going with enjoying!

The Story: At a backyard barbecue a guest slaps the host child. Assault charges are filed. A psychological thriller is born.



The Amazon review compares it to Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty, which I loved (link to my review here), so I’ll use it first.



Second, it is told from different points of view, so I thought of The Dinner by Herman Koch, which deals with a similar story in a similar way.



Third, I thought of the Academy Award-winning 80’s movie, Kramer vs Kramer (ok, it’s not a book). “Permanently disfigured” was the phrased that pays in this one.



Fourth, I came up with the eery We Need to Talk About Kevin. My review link.




Fifth,Β  The Trophy Child, because HER child is perfect, right? She seems like a Mom who’d press charges. My review is here.


And, finally, the Sixth that came to me: Oprah’s debut Book Club Book, Deep End of the Ocean. It clearly shows how fast things can change with kids.




Six Degrees of Separation is a monthly meme now hosted by Books Are My Favorite And Best.

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12 thoughts on “6 Degrees of Separation: The Slap

  1. Very interesting links in your list with books and movies that I have actually read or at least heard of! Participating in this game makes us realize how many interesting books are available and how little we have read even though our Bookclub is almost 20 years old!

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  2. To age me terribly, I can tell you that Kramer vs Kramer was actually a book by Avery somebody πŸ˜‡ So you kept your chain all about books!!


  3. The Dinner was really quite disturbing, wasn’t it? And I remember Kramer vs Kramer was one of the first films I saw, perhaps not quite suitable for a small child.


  4. Love seeing where all the chains end up! I saw Kramer v Kramer as a double-bill with Love Story when I was about twenty and sobbed my little heart out. It was great fun… πŸ˜‰

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  5. I still haven’t seen the movie version of The Dinner but I can’t wait – I really loved that book and was one that I pressed on others so that I could talk about it!

    Trophy Child looks interesting and Kevin remains one of the most remarkable books I’ve read – can’t say I ‘liked’ it but, ten years after reading it, I still think about it regularly.

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    1. I totally agree on Kevin–didn’t you wonder why they didn’t get him some therapy? I did. Trophy Child was good–I reviewed it last week. I also pushed The Dinner and his other book, Summer House with Swimming pool which I reviewed. Just as interesting. Thanks for dropping by. I always love it when others enjoyed the same books.


  6. I had no idea that The Deep End of the Ocean was Oprah’s debut book club choice! You seemed to have a few books in your chain that was adapted for film; several of mine have become television series. I still can’t bring myself to read or watch We Need to Talk About Kevin … I’m not even really sure why.


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