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Six in Six–2019 Edition


“The idea being that as the end of June approaches and we are then halfway through the year,  let us share the books we have read in those first 6 months. In fact let’s share 6 books in 6 categories, or if time is of the essence then simply share just 6 books. Whatever combination works for you as long as it involves 6 books. Of course the same book can obviously feature in more than one category.” Six in Six is hosted by The Book Jotter. You can read more about it here.


This week’s posts may seem a bit repetitive. Sorry!

First the Bad


Six Books I Abandoned (DNF)



Now The Good

All have reviews published on this blog.

Six Historical Novels I Enjoyed



Six From the Non-Fiction Shelf



Six Books Related to The Great War or Second World War (Nonfiction)


Six books I must mention that don’t fit nicely into any category



Six About Women or Girls (Fiction)


Past Six in Six

Six in Six for 2017

Six in Six for 2016


Have you done the Six in Six? Leave your link!

7 thoughts on “Six in Six–2019 Edition

  1. Love your six in six! I thought The Assassination of the Archduke was a great read. And I have The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek sitting on my shelf just waiting for me to pick it up! 🙂

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  2. Great choice of categories and books! I love historical fiction but haven’t read any of those six – I’ll have to try some of them.


  3. Great post! I love seeing your selections… although I’m sad to see the Sonali Dev book as a DNF! A friend was just recommending it to me, so I grabbed a copy at the library.


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